You must prepare these 7 Medical Devices at home

You must prepare these 7 Medical Devices at home

Covid-19 cases are on the rise new variant of Omicron it makes us more aware of the condition of the body. In addition to maintaining our health in a routine way, we also have to start preparing independent medical devices at home.

Also, if family members have congenital diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory problems.

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Row of Mandatory Medical Devices at Home

Of course, we should not underestimate the problem of Corona virus infection. In addition to keeping the body in shape, we also need to provide some medical devices at home. The goal is so that we can know the progress of our condition when we are sick.

So, what medical devices should we have at home? Check out the following, go ahead.

1. Thermometer

A medical tool that should be in every home is a thermometer. You should be familiar with this tool because it works to monitor a person’s body temperature.

Make sure you use a type of thermometer that is easy and practical. Examples include mercury and digital thermometers, such as our recommendations below.

infrared thermometer medical device
Sowell SDT-350 Ear Thermometer

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thermometer medical device
Yuwell Infrared Thermometer 32-42.9 °c Yt-1c

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2. Oximeter

The next medical device you need to prepare at home is an oximeter. This tool can help monitor the levels of the amount of oxygen in the blood. In addition, the oximeter can also help to calculate the human heart rate.

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How to use it is quite easy. You just need to enter your finger in the space provided. Monitor 2 times a day, especially if you are infected with the corona virus.

If the results of the amount of oxygen show a value below 90%, then you should immediately get help from the medical staff. Here are our oximeter recommendations.

Fingertip oximeter medical device
Sowell Oximeter Fingertip Sdo-720

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Sowell Oximeter Fingertip Pulse Sdo-721

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3. Tensimeter

If you or a family member has a history of hypertension, low blood pressure and heart disease, then you should check your blood pressure levels regularly.

One of the medical devices you should have at home is a sphygmomanometer. With this tool, you can more easily find your health condition every day and monitor the performance of the medicines you take.

sphygmomanometer medical device
Sowell 2.35 Inch Blood Pressure Monitor

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blood pressure meter
Sowell 3.8 Inch Blood Pressure Monitor Sdp-181

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4. Glucometer

Blood sugar level checker or a glucometer can help monitor blood sugar levels. This tool should be used by people with diabetes and obesity.

Simply clean your fingers with an alcohol swab and take a blood sample from your fingers. Then, leave the blood sample on the test strip, and insert the test strip into the glucometer. Wait a few moments to see the results of the blood sugar level.

Generally, these tools come in digital form so they are easy to use, like our tips below.

instrument for measuring blood sugar
Sowell blood sugar meter with strip Sdg-561

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blood sugar meter
Sowell Gdh-fad Stripsdg-562 Blood Sugar Measuring Device

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5. Spirometry

This tool can help you see the flow of air going in and out of the lungs graphically. Thus, you can determine whether the lungs are working well or not.

When using it, make sure someone accompanies you. You see, this tool can cause some dizziness to the point of almost fainting.

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If this condition continues, then you should stop using it until the condition of the body returns to stability.

6. Nebulizer

This medical equipment can help transform medicines into aerosol vapors to facilitate distribution to the respiratory tract.

This tool is recommended for those of you who have respiratory problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

First consult the type and level of the drug according to the doctor’s recommendations so that the results of its use are maximized. Here are the tips.

nebulizer medical devices
Sowell Srn-814 Air Compressor Nebulizer

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home medical device nebulizer
Sowell Mesh Rnm60 Srn-810 Nebulizer

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7. Oxygen cylinder

During the current pandemic, especially if you have respiratory problems and are subject to independent isolation due to exposure to Covid-19, you need to prepare an oxygen cylinder at home.

However, be sure to first consult with a health professional regarding the levels and timing of using oxygen cylinders, OK?

So, there are 7 medical devices that you need to provide at home to help determine the condition of your body.

As much as possible, record the results regularly. So, when abnormal symptoms appear, the doctor can find an overview of your health condition and an estimated diagnosis based on your history of medical records.

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