Wow, this is the price of Fuji Bags while on holiday in Singapore

Wow, this is the price of Fuji Bags while on holiday in Singapore – Fuji An recently uploaded a portrait of herself on vacation in a neighboring country, Singapore. This beautiful celebrity is on vacation with her sister Fadly, her boyfriend Tarik Halilintar and also her closest friends.

Fuji shared the photos he took while in Singapore through his Instagram account @fuji_an. In the uploaded photo, she looks very cute as always. Apart from being beautiful, her OOTD is also often used as an inspiration for many teenagers.

Wearing a soft lilac color shirt with the words ‘SUPREME’ on the chest, the shirt is from Supreme’s New York collection.

Photo: Special

For his subordinates, Fuji An wore white shorts with an elastic waist. As for the shoes, Fuji An wore pink shoes that matched her look.

Don’t forget to wear long socks with a lightning motif in pink. Fuji An also wore a sparkling sequined hat as an accessory.

The Hermès bag worn by Fuji is also in the spotlight. It turned out that the bag is worth hundreds of millions of tablets!

The small brown bag she’s wearing was a gift to Fuji An from skincare executive Shandy Purnama Sari a few months ago. With its distinctive design, the Fuji An bag is a Mini Lindy style collection from Hermes. Quoted from the @fujian_wearing Instagram account, the price of the Hermes Fuji An bag is estimated to be around IDR 255-300 million!

How about you, interested in buying the same bag as Fuji? (thurs/july/d2)

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