Why so many people in the house? It turns out that this is the cause!

Why so many people in the house? It turns out that this is the cause!

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In the rainy season like today, our houses are often invaded by moths. Curious why there are so many moths in the house? Find out the explanation and how to solve it here!

Laron are flying termites that are often found flying in swarms before and after rain.

These flying termites will approach a light source in the house before finally landing on the ground and releasing their wings.

Not only are they annoying, moths are an early sign of a termite infestation near your home.

So, let’s see why there are so many moths in the house, complete with how to deal with them below!

Why so many people in the house?

the reason why there are so many moths in the house

1. A lot of termites in the house

The reason why there are so many larvae in the first house is because there are a lot of termites in or around your house.

This is because moths are one of the life cycles of termites, indicating that they are ready to reproduce and build new colonies.

In Indonesia, you can find two types of termites, namely subterranean termites and dry wood termites.

As the name suggests, subterranean termites will enter the home through the soil or foundation of your home.

Meanwhile, dry wood termites enter the house through the attic.

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In contrast to subterranean termites, which like damp housing, dry wood termites prefer houses with low humidity.

2. Rainy Season

The reason why there are so many larvae in the house next door is because it has entered the rainy season.

Laron will appear when the air temperature has started to rise, such as when it rains a lot or when the weather is hot and sunny.

Termites fly very happily when the air around the house has reached 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Because they are happy with warm temperatures, it is not surprising that moths are often found in many places in Indonesia.

Temperature changes in the air are the main reason why moths leave their nests to fly and reproduce.

3. Interested in Lights

Another reason why there are so many moths in the house is that they are attracted to light.

Like moths, beetles and other night-flying insects, moths are very attracted to light sources.

They will approach the nearest light source and fade away until their wings fall off.

Although they are not poisonous, bite or sting humans, the presence of moths in your home is very annoying and can be an early sign of termite attacks in your home.

So, if you see flying termites flying around your home, treat them immediately and get rid of the moths as soon as possible.

How to overcome Laron at home

how to overcome because there are so many moths in the house

Most people still believe in the myth that moths enter the house which means you will be blessed with livelihood, life and career.

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In fact, moths are a sign that your home will be attacked by a colony of termites that can destroy the wood in the house.

So, how do you deal with moths at home?

The first and easiest thing for you to do is to turn off all the lights and lighting inside and outside the house.

Additionally, you can also close windows, doors, and vents to prevent moths from entering the home area.

However, if the number of flying termites becomes more and more disruptive to your home activities, you should call a pest exterminator.

The exterminator will identify the level of pest problems on your property before doing the extermination.

They can also do several things to prevent the same problem from recurring in your home.


I hope the above discussion can be useful for Owners!

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