Why is Chinese New Year synonymous with red?

Why is Chinese New Year synonymous with red?

From lanterns to red busts, have you ever wondered why Chinese New Year is synonymous with red?

That said, it all started with a legend about Nian, a beast that terrorizes villagers every Chinese New Year by eating plants, livestock and even children.

Various Banners

However, the villagers know that this lion-headed bull is afraid of three things, namely fire, noise and the color red.

With that, Nian was easily subdued. Since then, the color red is considered to bring good luck and fortune according to the Chinese New Year tradition.

So, what are the symbols of the Chinese New Year tradition?

After knowing that red is a lucky color, you can also understand more about other Chinese New Year traditions.

So, here are some symbols that describe the traditions of the Chinese New Year.

1. Red lanterns

Because Chinese New Year is synonymous with red
Source: unsplash.com

If you go to someone’s home celebrating Chinese New Year, you will usually find a red lantern hanging outside the door as a symbol of warding off bad luck.

You can also see wall decorations in the form of red paper cutouts.

2. Red envelope

Because Chinese New Year is synonymous with red
Source: pexels.com

Handing out red envelopes full of money is also the most popular Chinese New Year tradition. The distribution of red envelopes or angpao is usually given by married adults.

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They can give it to children or elderly unmarried people as a sign to ward off evil spirits.

3. Symbol of the dragon

lunar tradition
Source: unsplash.com

Have you seen the Chinese New Year festival where the Dragon dance is performed? According to legend, dragons are mythical creatures that can bring good luck and prosperity.

Usually, this Dragon dance is performed by moving the head of the dragon which is carried with a stick. However, there are also those that appear in the form of a lion dance with many colors.

4. New red stuff

lunar tradition
Source: pexels.com

You need new clothes on the first day of Chinese New Year. It is believed that wearing new red clothes scares away evil spirits and prevents bad luck.

Also, wearing new clothes from head to toe also symbolizes a new beginning in a new year.

5. Light the fireworks

lunar year
Source: pexels.com

Just like the usual New Year, we can also play fireworks and firecrackers on Chinese New Year Eve. This tradition has been performed since the 7th century AD to scare away evil spirits.

In honor of the Lunar New Year, you should also not sweep or clean the house on the first day of the holiday because it can cut the livelihood.

So, here are some traditions that explain why the Chinese New Year is synonymous with red. Pretty interesting, right?

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