Why is a Commercial House the Right Choice for You?

Why is a Commercial House the Right Choice for You?

Home is the first need of every human being. Today, many people dream of having a dream house to use as a permanent residence. Meanwhile, there are many housing options that you can choose from, such as commercial houses and subsidized houses.

In addition, the price of houses or housing is now increasing every year. This makes it difficult for the younger generation to have their dream home because it is often not proportional to the existing income.

To solve this problem, the government distinguishes two types of public housing, which are now known as commercial housing and subsidized housing. For more details, see the following article!

Definition of business house

business house illustration
Business house illustration

A house or commercial housing is a house built by a real estate developer in a certain area with a uniform design and appearance of the house. In general, this type of house is known as cluster housing or cluster housing.

Commercial accommodation is the right choice for those of you who want accommodation with good quality. By design, this type of home often features a minimalist home design with many features.

Usually, commercial accommodation is built in a fairly strategic area from the center of the city’s activities. So this affects the price and quality of this type of housing.

What is the difference between a commercial house and a subsidized house?

Subsidized Housing
Subsidized accommodation (Photo: Garda Oto)

The difference between subsidized and commercial housing can certainly be seen from many things that include. Such as the price, the location, the building, and others. Currently, many millennials do not understand what the differences are between the two.

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Here are some differences between subsidized and commercial housing in terms of many things:

1. Price

The most visible difference between subsidized and commercial housing is the price they offer. This is closely related to the main objective of subsidized housing which is to reach the lower middle class who find it difficult to have their own private housing.

Subsidized housing has certainly received assistance from the government so that it can offer a cheaper price than commercial housing. This is because subsidized housing is exempt from VAT.

In contrast to commercial accommodation that offers higher prices. This is also based on the choice of location and the design it offers. So housing developers usually set a fairly expensive price for the housing they have built.

In terms of mortgage payments or Home Ownership Loans, subsidized housing offers lower interest rates with a lower interest rate scheme. plain. This is certainly different from commercial housing which follows fluctuating bank interest rates.

2. Location

One of the most important things for people looking for accommodation is the location. The location determines the strategic access that is easy to reach with public transport and other important places.

In general, subsidized housing is located on the outskirts of large cities, so this is a great consideration. In contrast to commercial houses that are in a strategic location near the city and other infrastructure.

However, of course, this location is closely related to the determination of the price offered. The more strategic and good the location is near the city, then the price of accommodation will be more expensive.

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3. Construction area

The next striking difference is the area of ​​the building or the size of the house itself. Subsidized houses usually have a maximum building surface of 36 m2 or type 36. Meanwhile, commercial housing has a more varied construction area, ranging from type 36 to type 112 in general.

The thing to be aware of is that for people who place subsidized housing, they can usually rebuild at a later date. In contrast to commercial housing, which has rules according to the respective developer or developer.

4. Facilities

Whenever you want to buy a house or a residence, surely the house offers various facilities that you will get. Almost all types of housing certainly have different facilities of each.

However, subsidized houses usually only have important areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and other areas. Because the space is quite limited, the facilities that will be obtained are even more limited.

This is different from commercial housing that offers many interesting facilities such as: smart home system. This of course can help facilitate all the activities of the residents of the house.

5. Home design

Although not too essential, the design of the houses between subsidized housing and commercial houses has an impressive difference. This is in line with the price and quality offered as subsidized houses are always cheaper than commercial houses in general.

For those of you who like a minimalist yet luxurious home design, you can definitely choose commercial housing instead of subsidized housing. The most impressive thing you can see is the shape of the facade of the house that was built. Where subsidized housing is generally simpler than commercial housing.

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Advantages of Living in Commercial Housing

After knowing the difference with subsidized housing, then of course you are wondering what are the advantages of living in commercial housing. Although commercial housing offers a much higher price than subsidized housing, there are many things that are worth the price offered.

First, commercial housing has a more strategic strategic approach than subsidized housing in general. Especially if you are married, then the access will be the most important for the daily mobilization.

Second, it has a minimalist yet luxurious home design. Design is one of the main considerations for some people looking for accommodation. Commercial housing certainly offers attractive home designs with their respective housing styles.

Third, security is definitely guaranteed. Creating tight home security is a housing developer’s priority. In this way, all the inhabitants of the house can certainly feel the comfort and safety guaranteed by the security officers on duty throughout the day.

Gardens at Candi Sawangan: Modern commercial housing

Residential gardens at Candi Sawangan
Residential gardens at Candi Sawangan

For those of you who are interested in living in a commercial home and having abundant features, Gardens at Candi Sawangan is the answer. Gardens at Candi Sawangan is a commercial housing complex located in the south of Jakarta, presenting a beautiful and modern residential concept.

In addition, Gardens at Candi Sawangan has been integrated with the surrounding area and supports the best public facilities. Gardens pays attention to development by maintaining a balance between green life, sustainable developmenteducation, and also culture.

Of course, Gardens at Candi Sawangan also features a green area around it that is lush to be able to produce a harmonious life in nature. Own a residence at Gardens at Candi Sawangan immediately by clicking the following link.