What is your favorite type of restaurant?

What is your favorite type of restaurant?

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Did you know that there are actually 6 types of restaurants in the food industry. You can classify this type from the menu, the way it is served, and whether or not there is a server.

In the beginning, all the restaurants had the same concept, that is to say there are tables and chairs with servers who prepare the dishes at the table.

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However, with the development of time and the availability of fast food, there are now type of restaurant prefer that the food is only take away or take away.

Also, now there is a food delivery service. Therefore, restaurants do not only provide seats in it.

This development eventually changed the standards of the restaurant with the concept of dining areas and seats or what we are familiar with sit-down restaurant. For example, in America, we usually know this concept by name family style restaurant.

However, in England itself the concept of a restaurant is still large with places to eat with service. While for fast food and a place with a concept take away not commonly called a restaurant.

So, what distinguishes one restaurant from another?

Each country usually has an understanding of the types of restaurants that are different from each other. Generally, there are 6 different types of restaurants, let’s discuss them one by one.

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1. Ethnicity

Ethnic restaurants are restaurants that serve local or national cuisines. For example Padang restaurants, Manado restaurants, and others.

If this restaurant is abroad, it can also be called an Indonesian restaurant, which is a restaurant that serves a variety of foods from a region or country. This kind of restaurant has its fans, you know.

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2. Fast food

restaurant fast food or fast food emphasizes speed of service. The menu choices available in fast foods are usually not too many.

In addition, the size of a fast food restaurant is also usually small, it can also be just a stall on the side of the road, for example coffee.

Customers are also free to choose where they want to eat the dishes they have ordered. Not only that, this restaurant has also developed other facilities, such as facilities drive through.

Thus, customers can order food from inside the car without having to enter the restaurant. In the F&B industry, a type of restaurant fast food also called as quick service restaurant.

3. Fast casual

Restaurant by type fast casual it is a type of restaurant that is in between fast food and casual dining. For what, This restaurant provides different types of food, but not full service.

In terms of price, eat in the restaurant fast casual It also has a price range that is not very different from fast food and casual dining.

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Bar stools for Fast Casual Restaurants

4. Casual Dining

This type of restaurant has an atmosphere restaurant which is convenient. Not only that, this place to eat is a level below the restaurant type fine diningboth in terms of service, type and price of food.

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In general, this restaurant is equipped table bar which provides a menu of alcoholic beverages as in a 5-star restaurant, ie beer and wine.

5. Family style

Family style restaurant we usually call it a family restaurant. This restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere usually serves food in large quantities by placing it in the middle of the table.

Then, each member of the family can take the food from the middle and enjoy it in their respective plates. This concept is exactly the same as for eating at home with the family.

Moreover, the characteristics of this restaurant are almost similar casual restaurantthe difference is the unavailability of alcoholic beverages in family restaurants.

furniture for cafes and restaurants
Chairs for family restaurants

6. Fine Dining

restaurant fine dining is a restaurant that provides full service to its customers. In addition, it offers a food menu like a 5-star restaurant that is unique and specific.

This type of restaurant has its own signature menu, which differs from one restaurant to another.

By design, this restaurant also offers a luxury restaurant atmosphere with magnificent designs and furniture.

Guests visiting this restaurant are usually dressed appropriately and follow international dining procedures.

Of the six types of restaurants available, which is your favorite choice? Or is it you plans to open a business opportunity in the culinary field, what kind of restaurant do you create?

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