What is the difference between an air purifier, humidifier and dehumidifier?

What is the difference between an air purifier, humidifier and dehumidifier?

Every day he breathes 13.5 kg of air in a day. Unfortunately, the air around us is increasingly polluted by various pollutants that can cause various health problems. As a result, inhale clean air even more difficult at home.

However, you should not worry. You see, there are many ways you can do to overcome this problem. One way is to use special tools.

There are many tools that can improve the quality of the air at home, namely aair purifier, air humidifier, and dehumidifier.

Even so, the three tools have different functions, you know. So, you have to know before choosing the right tool.

So what is the difference? air purifier, dehumidifier, and Humidifier?

Instead of being confused, find out how it works and how to use it.

1. Air purifier Cleans the air

Air purifier or an air purifier works by sucking the surrounding air. Then, the air is channeled through a filter that works to capture viruses and bacteria in the air.

Thus, the air that comes out air purifier it becomes cleaner and healthier. This tool has many health benefits, i.e. improves the quality of sleep, filters viruses and bacteria, relieves allergies, and even relieves asthma symptoms.

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Take it easy, size air purifier can be adjusted to the size of the room. So, you can put it as a decoration. Also, the design of this air purifier is quite modern.

air purifier vs air humidifier

2. Air Humidifier Humidify the air

Air humidifier or air humidifier it works by spraying water vapor into the air. The released water vapor binds to bacteria, viruses and free radicals. This tool helps to humidify the air in a dry room.

3. Air dehumidifier Absorbs moisture from the air

Air that is too humid can also cause harmful effects on the body. Usually, this humid air happens often when rainy season.

Well, you need it air dehumidifier to reduce humidity. This tool works by sucking water vapor into the air. The water vapor undergoes a process of condensation so that it turns into water.

use of dehumidifier

Use Air purifier, air humidifierand Dehumidifier

Air purifier A good one can eliminate dust, smoke pollution, bacteria and allergenic substances, such as animal dander and pollen.

On the other hand, air humidifier it serves to increase the level of humidity in the air, but not to clean it. You see, low humidity levels can cause dry skin, itchy red eyes, and chapped lips.

The moisture content that is good for health is 30%-50%. Thus, in extreme conditions, such as dry heat, the role of air humidifier certainly necessary.

While that air dehumidifier serves to reduce the moisture content by more than 50%. Air that is too humid can cause the growth of mold spores, bacteria and dust mites.

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air purifier recommendation

These are the three ways that the air purifier works. If you need one of these, you can easily pass it on www.lacrymosemedia.com.

In addition to these tools, you can find electronic devices and other home furniture from famous brands that belong to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Informa, Selma, and many others.

Well, we also have air purifier recommendations, humidifierand dehumidifier make a house, as follows.

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