What is the balustrade? Important parts of the Scale

What is the balustrade? Important parts of the Scale

I am familiar with the term balustrade? This is one of the most important elements in the scale that has a vital function.

The stairs are constructions that are made as a link between two floors that are level and have a distance from each other. This is what makes the ladder have many important elements for the safety of its users.

In this article, we will discuss one of the important elements on the ladder that works as a safety, that is balustrade. Check out the following review for more details!

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Railings Is it

Illustration of a balustrade
Illustration of a balustrade

In general, balustrade is a guardrail or fence consisting of a series of short beams connected by diagonal rails. It is also known as railing stairs that have the main function as a safety on the stairs.

Railings generally found in many places such as balloons, stairs, or roofs. These can be made of different types of materials, such as wood, iron, stone and others.

In addition, the baluster has many designs to add an aesthetic impression to the room, such as being carved with intricate patterns. Balusters are sometimes also equipped with various interesting ornaments.

Function Railings

Main function balustrade it is like a safety, it protects people from falling from a height or from the stairs. In addition, the baluster can also be used as a decorative element to beautify a building or residence.

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Here are some other features of the baluster:

  • Security: The main function of a stair balustrade is to provide protection to the stair user from falling from a height. Balusters provide a physical barrier that can prevent users from falling.
  • Aesthetics: In addition to being a staircase guard, the baluster also serves to provide an aesthetic element to the staircase. Stair balusters can be designed in various shapes, sizes and materials to meet the aesthetic needs of residential owners.
  • Director: Stair balusters also serve as guides for stair users. In addition, it also helps direct their movement on the stairs and prevent them from falling.
  • Lighting: The function of balusters that people rarely know is as lighting. Balusters can provide additional lighting and create a brighter atmosphere in the staircase area.

Install Tips Railings yours sincerely

Before you decide to install it railing stairs in your residence, it would be nice to pay attention to the following things:

  1. Use quality materials: Quality materials can be used to make stair balusters that are strong and durable. Also, make sure that the material selection is in accordance with the desired design and subsequent function.
  2. Of course, the position of the baluster: Determine the distance between the baluster and the height of the baluster to comply with safety standards. For example, the ideal distance between balusters should not be more than 10 – 12 cm and the minimum height of balusters is 90 cm.
  3. Also check and measure: Make sure all dimensions are measured correctly before installation. You need to double check to make sure all the balusters and rails are in the right position.
  4. Install the rails firmly: Rails are an important part in balustradeso make sure the rails are firmly and firmly attached.
  5. Double check the installation: After installation, do not forget to check twice to make sure that the baluster is attached securely. Make sure there are no loose or incorrect parts.
  6. Maintenance and repair: Of course, the balustrade of the staircase must be maintained properly and regularly to maintain its safety and aesthetics. Check the baluster regularly and make repairs if you find parts that are not working properly.
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Here is a brief explanation balustrade what you need to know. An important safety part in a scale that also provides an aesthetic value.

I hope this article is helpful!