What is Baby Teether, Benefits and Recommendations

What is Baby Teether, Benefits and Recommendations

what is a baby teether

For couples who have had a child, there may be many questions related to parents and the different needs of the equipment. Also, every time you get older, your baby needs different equipment, especially during the teething period.

At this time, usually your boy tends to be more sensitive and fussy. Teething will make them feel pain and stress in some cases. Even so, not all children go through this difficult phase.

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However, there are ways we can do to help children through the teething period. One of them is to use teether.

So, what is it Teether Now?

Teether The baby is a toy or a soft object to relieve the itch and pain in the baby’s gums. You can give teether when they start biting everything that can be reached.

Usually, teether made of materials thermoplastic rubber or milk filled with water so that it is soft and easy to chew. Not only, teether The child is equipped with a speckled surface to deal with excessive itching on the child’s gums.

So, what are the benefits? Teether for the child?

After knowing the meaning and function of teether the child at the time of the growth of the child’s teeth, here are some benefits teether that you need to know.

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1. Stimulate tooth growth

In addition to reducing pain and itching in children’s gums, teether it also works in terms of stimulating the tooth growth process, you know.

So what, their teeth grow much faster, cleaner and healthier. The faster the baby’s teeth grow, the sensitive phase of the baby can be missed.

2. It helps cognitive development

chew teether it is also able to help improve cognitive development in children. During the chewing process, your baby will pull out the tongue and lips. This method can train your child to say his first word.

Over time, your child can practice the process of speaking and communicating. In addition, models teether the fun ones can train children to start recognizing many colors and shapes through their visual experiences.

3. Improve motor skills

benefit teether Another is to improve the motor skills of children. When it is used teetherThey use their hand muscles when holding it.

Other motor skills will also be seen in the process of chewing and moving the lips.

Wow, what a benefit teether not only for the health of the baby’s gums, yes. Therefore, he is interested in giving teether to the little one?

Quality tips for baby teeth

Teether can be an interesting idea of ​​toys for children from 6 months and older. Well, we have some recommendations teether child that you can choose and give to your child.

1. Edison Mama Teether Apple

Game recommendations teether the first is the Edison Mama Teether in the shape of an apple with a price of about 60,000 IDR. This toy is made of thermoplastic rubber and heat resistant up to 170°C.

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So, you can sterilize it with boiling water. Teether This fruit in the form of fruit also improves the visual ability of children to capture shapes and colors.

baby teether Edison Mama Teether Apple
Edison Mama Teether Apple

Shop here

2. Playgro Teether Felix Fox Friend

Playgro Teether Felix Fox Friend is another innovation from teether made of rubber. Many studies assume that the more you learn the structure, the more your little one can develop.

Toy theater This will help your child to know different things, from shapes, colors, to surface textures. You can buy it teether this fun with prices starting from only 90 thousand IDR.

Playgro Teether Felix Fox Friend 124331
Playgro Teether Felix Fox Friend 124331

Shop here

3. Nuby Teether Safari Loop

Type teether in general, it is still necessary for the child to hold still. Unlike the Nuby Teether Safari Loop, this practice bracelet.

Just put it in your child’s hand. Thus, it can minimize the risk teether fallen and ugly. In addition, this teether can also be a toy for your little one because of the different cute animal shapes.

Well, you can buy it teether this versatile for only 140 thousand IDR, you know.

Nuby Teether Safari Loop 111236
Nuby Teether Safari Loop 111236

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4. Playgro Teether In My Garden Nature

Recommendation teether this time not only helps to overcome the pain in the gums of the child, but can also help the child to learn to stand. Teether from Playgro you can hang it on the stroller.

You can buy it teether This is priced at IDR 80,000.

Playgro-teether In My Garden Nature Cpl156
Playgro-teether In My Garden Nature Cpl156

Shop here

Here are some tips teether quality children and should not be missed to complement the needs of your little one during the growth of the teeth.

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