What is an ottoman chair? This is the answer and its advantages

What is an ottoman chair? This is the answer and its advantages

chair Poof it is type of chair without a backrest that has a shorter size than the other seats. Height of the chair Poof generally reaches only 40-50 cm.

Originally, the chair Poof Used by the Turkish Sultanate in the 13th century as a place to stretch the legs. Later, this chair was introduced to Europeans and its use became popular in the 18th century, as mentioned by britannica.com.

Various Banners

In addition to its main function as a chair, this chair is widely used for various purposes living room decorationliving room, and bedroom because of its beautiful shape.

So, what are the advantages of chairs? Ottoman Compared to other types of chair?

In use, the chair Poof has a number of advantages, such as the following.

1. Chair Ottoman Multipurpose

Not only as a seat, you can also use an ottoman chair for the feet. So, you can sit back and relax while stretching. Also, the bank Poof With a flat surface, you can also use it as an additional table.

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the advantages of the ottoman chair
The versatile ottoman bench can be used as a seat and footrest.

2. Chair Ottoman Flexible and space saving

With its compact design and short size, this chair Poof it can be a place for a narrow room. Unlike a sofa, this chair is easy for you to move anywhere. Thus, it can be more flexible as an additional guest bank.

3. It can serve as a storage place

Different chair models Poof it has been equipped with additional storage space at the bottom of the stand. Then, you can use it to clean the things in the family room so that they are not scattered.

4. Can be used for room decoration

There are many seating options Poof with different shapes and patterns, from circular, square, to hexagonal shapes.

If you want to use this chair to beautify the room, choose a shape Poof unique with attractive colors.

Headquarters Board Ottoman Minimalist

If you are interested use the ottoman chair After knowing the various advantages and uses above, here are the recommendations of the bank: Poof minimalist that you can choose.

1. Bench circular

headquarters Poof This circular shape has a size of 60 x 60 x 40 cm. Because it is made of fabric and foam, the bench Poof it feels soft and comfortable when occupied. headquarters Poof It comes in three colors namely pink, gray and brown.

pink ottoman chair
Banc Ottoman Nordia Doria – Corail Rose
Beautify the living room with the presence of an ottoman bench.

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gray ottoman chair
Ottoman bench Nordia Doria 60 Cm – Dark Grey
Multifunctional ottoman bench as chairs and guest table.

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2. Bank Otuman Rectangle

Model Poof frame comes with a size of 77 x 77 x 46 cm. headquarters Poof which is made of fabric and foam, you can combine it with a sofa, and it is suitable for use maid.

Pouf Ferrara Brixton
Pouf Ferrara Brixton – Gray
The ottoman bench is smooth and soft to provide optimal comfort.

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3. Bench Ottoman bend over

When you want a bank Poof which is more efficient than space, this recommendation can be an option. headquarters Poof This folding 37.5 x 37.5 x 38 cm has been equipped with storage space.

When not in use, you can fold it and put it in the closet or in the corner of the house. Here are the tips for the posts Poof fold that you can use.

striped folding ottoman bench
Striped folding ottoman bench
Versatile folding ottoman bench to save space.

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beige folding ottoman bench
Ottoman Bank – Krem
Folding ottoman bench with strong structure and smooth fabric lining.

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4. Versatile Ottoman Bench

This ottoman bench model measuring 46 x 46 x 44 cm has three functions, i.e. as a table, chair and storage area. As for the material itself, this chair is made of quality polypropylene, so it is sturdy and durable.

harmon black ottoman bench
Ottoman Bench Harmon – Black
Versatile ottoman bench suitable for Scandinavian rooms.

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pink harmon ottoman bench
Ottoman Bench Harmon – Pink
Multifunctional ottoman bench with quality materials.

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5. Bench Ottoman with Legs

This ottoman bench with legs measures 80 x 53 x 44 cm. You can use it as a bench for a toilet and a leg support. Because it is made of leather, the bench Poof This can make the room look elegant.

ottoman chair with legs
Ferrara Ottoman Bench – Chocolate
The ottoman bench is equipped with legs with an elegant design.

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