What is an industrial house? Here are the 5 most recent designs

What is an industrial house? Here are the 5 most recent designs

Illustration of a minimalist home design (Source: Freepik)

The industrial house is a style design of the 19-20th century that is identical to the interior design of an industrial factory that has an unpainted and open building, then as the architectural era developed, it began to observe and to develop this industrial concept.

Industrial style houses are now popular, although they seem old because they were inspired in the 19th century, but many places in addition to houses use this concept because they are considered unique and simple.

Industrial style is also attached to the minimalist concept, because the color combination is matching and monotonous so it is considered suitable for the concept. Not only for housing, this concept is also often applied to cafes and offices.

Due to its popularity, many people want a residence with an industrial house concept. If you currently want to implement an industrial style house at an affordable price, the following is an explanation of what an industrial house is and its design.

Industrial House Design Example

industrial house

Industrial house design with wood

In addition to using iron and concrete, you can also use wood as an accent to beautify your home. You can add wooden elements on the ladder or furniture made of wood to complement the concept of an industrial house, do not forget to choose a modern and robust wood to match the concept of your home.

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Industrial house designs combine colors

The style of the industrial house is identical to the minimalist concept, so it is very suitable when combined with gray, black or color tone of the earth which is popular today. you can add furniture with matching colors to add comfort to your home.

industrial house

OpenWall Industrial home design

Not only a game of color to create the concept of an industrial house, you can add an open space with glass partitions to add the impression. infinite inherent in the concept of industrial house. You can use an open window in the living room or dining room to give a minimalist and simple impression.

Masculine industrial house design

This design is very suitable for men or young couples who want to give a simple and minimalist impression to their home. Because this house will be dominated by black and gray so it is judged simple and comfort for residents, you can add plants as a green display in the house to beautify your residence.

industrial house

Vintage industrial house design

Industrial houses are always synonymous with minimalist concepts with matching colors, but you can add a touch of minimalist concepts to add beauty to your home! You can add a vintage touch furniture your home such as chairs, displays or lamps. Do not forget to add a touch of red brick to add a masculine concept to your residence.

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