What is a Sauna Room? Here’s the Explanation

What is a Sauna Room? Here’s the Explanation

sauna room
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Sweating can increase hydration and reduce the risk of developing skin diseases. There are many ways we can actively sweat, such as exercise and relaxing in the sauna.

Indeed, exercise has much better benefits. However, this does not mean that the sauna cannot be an option, especially if you are too lazy to go outside your home.

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You see, the sauna also offers variety benefit good for the health of the body, such as lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, and being able to burn calories.

This time, we will discuss saunas, starting from how they work, how to use them, to safety tips if you want to relax in them. Come, see!

Definition of Sauna Room

sauna room
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Sauna is a room with a hot temperature that can reach 90 degrees Celsius. Typically, steam rooms have a wooden interior filled with rocks as part of the heating element.

If abroad, this warm temperature room is quite easy to find. There are two types of rooms that can be used, namely with dry heat and moist heat.

Interestingly, you can relax in this space as a step to pamper yourself, you know. You see, saunas can provide relaxation and health benefits, such as reducing minor aches and pains.

How Saunas Work

sauna room
Sauna with infrared system

In fact, the operation of this sauna depends on the type of technology used. For saunas with infrared lamps, the lamps will provide electromagnetic radiation to heat our bodies, but not the whole room.

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Usually, infrared saunas produce lower temperatures or about 60 degrees Celsius than other types.

There is also another well-known type of sauna, namely steam. The way this sauna works is to use steam from boiling water to generate heat with high humidity.

So, what are the right steps to use the sauna room?

sauna room
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If you go to a special sauna, maybe you just need to enter the room to get this effect. However, it is different if you have your own sauna at home.

You see, there are many things that you need to follow in the use of the sauna room, as follows.

  • Sauna is an airtight room. So, when you open the door, you need to close it quickly so that the steam does not escape.
  • Use a special towel, bathing suit, or sauna suit when entering the room.
  • Turn on the temperature as needed. However, avoid too low or high temperatures.
  • If you want to sit in the room, use another cloth or towel as a rug. Avoid sitting directly because the heat can quickly transfer to the skin.
  • Avoid lying in the sauna.
  • The sauna room is designed for relaxation. So, avoid talking too much.
  • Avoid shaving, plucking or brushing your hair while using this hot room.
  • Make sure there is no trash in it.

You can also wear special sauna clothes, such as the following.

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How to relax safely in a sauna?

sauna room
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There are some safe tips that you can apply if you want to relax in the sauna, as follows.

  • If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart failure, you should limit the use of hot rooms. If you want to relax, sit for five minutes and then go outside to normalize the body temperature again.
  • Avoid using the sauna if you are sick, pregnant, or taking drugs that make you sleepy.
  • Drink a glass of water before and after using the sauna to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before, during and after using the sauna.
  • Avoid eating a large meal before using the sauna.
  • If you are a beginner who just wants to try the sauna room, try it first for 5-10 minutes. If you are used to it, increase it to 15 minutes.
  • Get out of the sauna immediately if you feel dizzy or ill.
  • Avoid soaking in cold water after using the sauna. If you want to take a shower, let your body temperature return to normal.
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Also, it should be noted that this room has a fairly high temperature. If the body cannot tolerate the heat, it is better to set the temperature to be lower.

After reading the information above, you will surely understand more about the sauna room that we often see in Korean dramas. So, are you interested in trying this room?

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