Wardah Bank is training its staff on how to prepare anti-stick

Wardah Bank is training its staff on how to prepare anti-stick

on time, lacrymosemedia.com – Make-up is mandatory for a number of jobs that require employees to always look basic and attractive, including bank employees who must always maintain their appearance, especially when meeting with customers. However, makeup or face makeup cannot be neglected, there are a number of things that makeup users need to understand in order to make the makeup on their face look attractive, that is, it is not sticky.

48 employees representing Bank BNI were also trained by Wardah Cosmetic Medan to understand how to use makeup properly.

Last Friday (14/10) Yuliana Ritonga, Beauty Promoter said, “These Beauty Classes are held to support BNI employees to be more confident in relationships.”

Through the “Beauty Class with Bank Negara Indonesia kcp Pemuda Medan” activity, representatives of Bank BNI’s back office in North Sumatra can become more proficient in using daily makeup.

“Our goal is to make it easy for employees to know the SOP for makeup that should be used every day,” Yuliana concluded.

Not only female employees participate in this beauty class event, they also involve male bank employees in the handsome class to maintain their attractive appearance. (will/ega/d1)

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