Velcro adhesives: their history and development

Velcro adhesives: their history and development

history of velcro adhesive

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that had a broken zipper? There is no need to take it to a tailor for repair. You can fix it at home with Velcro adhesive.

Yes! Velcro is a product used to attach fabric to clothing.

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However, you can also use them instead of straps to straighten shoes and clean laptop cables. Unique item This is really very useful, isn’t it?

History of Velcro

So, since when has this adhesive been used in everyday life? Thus, Velcro was first invented in 1941 by engineers from Switzerland, George de Mestral. At that time, he had just returned from hunting with his dog in the Alps.

He saw many seeds burdock which clings to his dog’s clothes and fur. Armed with curiosity, he carried out research with a microscope.

From there, George found hundreds of hooks on this seed that could be attached to fibrous objects, such as cloth, feathers, hair.

From this discovery, came the idea of ​​developing a tool that can join two objects. Finally, he perfected his discoveries until 1955. He even managed to obtain a patent for his creation.

At the time, Velcro was very successful and used by many people. In fact, NASA and US military agencies also use this product in their clothing.

Armed with more than 50 years of experience, Velcro adhesives have more than 400 registered patents worldwide.

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Not surprisingly, almost all the tools we use also use Velcro, including medical equipment, clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

Velcro adhesive recommended

In addition to attaching to everyday products, Velcro adhesives are also sold in the form of cloth, ropes, beltand also ribbon. However, when compared to double tapeThe Velcro adhesive has a longer resistance and tightness.

Therefore, we would like to recommend some of the best Velcro adhesive products, as below.

1. Surface adhesive

Velcro manifold sticky made of fabric that has a hook and reel area. You can use it for different purposes because it can adhere to all surfaces, except vinyl.

velcro adhesive
Velcro Square Sticky – Cream

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velcro adhesive
Set of 4 Velcro adhesive tapes 8.9 cm – Krem

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2. Adhesive meter

If you want to use long-term adhesive, you can choose the meter type.

Although it is long, its size is still small, so it is practical to carry. You can use it repeatedly to clean cables and hang photo frames.

velcro adhesive
Velcro tape 1.9×150 Cm – White

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velcro adhesive
Velcro Tape 1.9 Cmx1.5 Mtr – Krem

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3. Adhesive with straps

velcro adhesive
Velcro All Purpose Strap 68.5 × 2.5 Cm – Hitam

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This type of Velcro is multifunctional because there are parts of the straps and direct adhesive. Thus, you can tie a pile of tight things without fear of falling. It can also be used repeatedly.

4. Industrial adhesive

Do you want to glue two industrial items or equipment together? Well, you can use any kind industrial this.

Length options vary, from 1 to 3 meters. Specially designed for industrial needs, this adhesive is waterproof and able to withstand loads well.

velcro adhesive
Industrial Resistance Velcro Tape 5 Cmx1.2 Mtr – Putih

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velcro adhesive
Industrial Resistance Velcro Tape 2.5 Cmx3 Mtr – Hitam

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It is an explanation of history to the best recommendations of Velcro from that you can use every day.

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