USU Faculty and Skin Health Innovation Women’s Group

USU Faculty and Skin Health Innovation Women’s Group

SECANGGANG, – Skin health innovation is a business trend that has become quite popular in recent years. However, the resulting products generally contain chemicals that sometimes have adverse effects on users.

Using natural ingredients namely acem acem (Oxalis dehradunensis Raizada) leaves, unlike the innovation produced by the USU PPM team, it has been researched to increase skin moisture and effectively remove facial blemishes.

Education and training is carried out through community service activities with USU PNBP funding sources, connecting Sumber Mufakat Village of Kabanjahe District with Karang Gading Village and Sumber Mufakat Village of Kabanjahe District as a leaf production site partner with Secanggang District as a partner who uses and tested PPM team’s innovation products.

This service Dr. Eka Lestari Mahuni, SKM, M.Kes from the Faculty of Public Health of the University of North Sumatra and Prof. Dr. Urip Harahap, Apt. and involved 5 (five) students from the Faculty of Public Health, University of North Sumatra.

Service activities are carried out by empowering women farmer groups in Karang Gading Village, Secanggang District, Langkat Regency and Sumber Mufakat Village, Kabanjahe District, Karo Regency.

These two areas were brought together in socialization activities and FGDs facilitated through a virtual outreach meeting held on August 2, 2022. Two village heads, Mr. Bahrul, the head of Garang Gading village, and the village participated in the enlargement. Mr. Dr. Sumber Mufakat head. Karo-Karo Dinis and Tangguh Women Farmers Group from Karang Gading Secanggang Village and Karo women farmers and officials from Kabanjahe Sumber Mufakat Village.

The participants in this virtual growth meeting have been selected and will act as agents for the business people who will be acem acem leaf extract entrepreneurial anti-aging cream. This activity was also implemented through the PPM team flow.

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This PPM activity aims to empower farmers to use acem acem leaf extract anti-aging cream so that farmers can reap the benefits of the cream, which can hydrate the skin, tighten pores and reduce blemishes and wrinkles on the face due to sun exposure. radicals.

Although farmers always go to the fields, farmers can maintain healthy skin to stay beautiful and youthful. The PPM team works with students to help and train the farming community so that the sale of the anti-aging cream can become an additional income for the farming community. Eka Lestari Mahuni SKM, M.Kes.

Farmers, in general, rarely take care of their skin health and even struggle because they are always exposed to the sun and free radicals during their activities in the field.

With an anti-aging cream that has undergone laboratory-scale studies, it has been proven that farmers who are generally affected by dark spots or dull and dry faces can improve their skin condition.

The acem acem leaf extract in this anti aging cream formula contains a lot of water and has been shown to have significant effectiveness as a moisturizer up to almost 300%.

“Not only that, but according to the test results of samples of this cream, it is also able to significantly reduce black spots on the face, although these spots fall under the category of contact dermatitis, as experienced by farmers. Aging ability that fades facial wrinkles and large pores can also be overcome with regular use of anti aging cream, extract level 5% and 7% have a significant effect in using this anti aging cream. “

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Efforts to focus downstream product innovation are part of the community service undertaken by the USU PPM team by educating and training women farmers who are often exposed to pesticides, sunlight and free radicals during their agricultural activities.

In this activity, the PPM Team provided samples of anti-aging cream products to business agents of both regions to help introduce the products and assist farmers in their initial marketing steps.

Along with the development of technology, the growing trend of people’s belief in “return to nature”, the great biodiversity in Indonesia is one of the supporting factors for the development of skin care products from natural ingredients. women farmer groups.

The increasing incidence of skin damage caused by aging factors calls for a chemoprevention strategy using natural sources of extracts of natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, which are safer and more effective in the treatment process.

This innovative product is a solution made on the basis of natural raw materials and has good properties to reduce the effect of free radicals, it is able to reduce wrinkles and pores on the face, and it is able to significantly reduce blemishes and spots on women’s skin. By using this anti-aging cream, farmers can better care for and protect healthy skin and reduce the risk of premature aging in farmers.

The business actors that formed where only 7 businessmen from the village of Sumber Mufakat Kabanjahe were interested in anti-aging cream entrepreneurship were quite diverse. Meanwhile, a group of women farmers in Secanggang, Karang Gading village showed high enthusiasm as shown by the emergence of 16 farmers.

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In terms of business management, Karang Gading farming community is a persistent farmer to deliver healthy and natural messages or products for the welfare of the community. Farmers in this village also have well-functioning cooperatives and farmer group offices under the supervision of village officials and local government.

Bu Tumini, as the chairman of Tangguh Women’s Group in Karang Gading Village, Secangang District, Langkat Regency, said this service activity is a way to increase the knowledge level and income level of female farmers in terms of cosmetics and agriculture. Where, Acem-acem Leaf Extract can make a positive impact on the society, especially the women farmers, by selling the Anti-Aging Cream product.

By regularly using and using cream products, you can reduce the negative effects of premature aging on the skin of the face due to exposure to the sun outdoors, especially during farming.

With the high enthusiasm of the community, Karang Gading village is also interested in cultivating acem acem plants in Secanggang area. This activity is also part of the community service provided by the USU PPM team. Cultivation of acem acem plant is expected by agriculture and food technology coordinator as well as PPL from KWT Tangguh.

This activity has the potential to directly increase people’s incomes and the economy. The main contribution of this public service activity, besides raising public awareness, also illuminates the mindset of farmers to prevent the effects of premature aging in future generations. Farmers learn to develop their natural potential and market their products to become more empowered and able to improve human well-being, especially public health.(rel/wol/w1n)