UNIQLO Collaboration Presents Two Popular UT Collections

UNIQLO Collaboration Presents Two Popular UT Collections

JAKARTA, lacrymosemedia.com – Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO will launch two UT (UNIQLO T-Shirt) collections in collaboration with anime director Makoto Shinkai and anime SPY X FAMILY, namely UT x Makoto Shinkai on November 14th and UT SPY X FAMILY on November 25th . . All collections will be available at all UNIQLO stores in Indonesia and UNIQLO.com.

The UT x Makoto Shinkai collaboration collection will feature 4 products with exclusive designs inspired by characters and scenes from several of Makoto Shinkai’s films such as Your Name, Weathering With You and the latest Suzume no Tojimari. The launch of this collection also coincides with the launch of Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime, which opens in Japanese cinemas this November.

Makoto Shinkai debuted as a director since 2002 and has created a variety of visually stunning anime films with compelling stories that appeal to anime fans. Her latest film, Suzume no Tojimari, follows the journey of 17-year-old Suzume Iwato, who meets a young man herself and follows him as she searches for a door.

It’s not enough to collaborate with UT x Makoto Shinkai, UNIQLO will also spoil anime fans by completing the newest line of UT collections through a collaboration with the highly anticipated anime movie SPY X FAMILY. Seeing the high enthusiasm from the previous launch of UT SPY X FAMILY some time ago, UNIQLO is re-introducing 4 designs from the previous collection and 7 new designs including 4 universal products for adults and 3 products for children. So, for fans who were unable to get their hands on the UT SPY X FAMILY collection in the last release, they now have an opportunity to complete their UT SPY X FAMILY collection.

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SPY X FAMILY tells the story of a family that hides its true identity. Twilight or Loid Forger is spoken of as a great spy, Anya (Twilight’s child) with the ability to read minds, and Yor (Twilight’s wife) with the ability to fight like an assassin. In addition, in the last series, this family also has a dog with the ability to predict the future named Bond.

In the latest collection of the UT SPY X FAMILY collaboration, all of Anya’s characters and charming expressions are presented as beautiful designs adorning the latest UNIQLO T-Shirt collection. (wol/rls/syfifa/d2)