Understand the Requirements for Renaming the Latest Land Certificate

Understand the Requirements for Renaming the Latest Land Certificate

When you just buy a plot of land or a house, of course, the land certificate is always in someone else’s name. Like when you get an inheritance from your parents.

This makes the power of your property status less strong. So it should be renamed immediately. Unless your parents have previously taken care of your name transfer to you as recipient.

When you own property, especially land, it is best if you change the name to have legal ownership of the land. If the land is still in someone else’s name, then your ownership status is not that strong.

Therefore, it is important for you to know the correct requirements for the transfer of the name of the land certificate according to the existing procedures. Check the following article for more details!

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Requirements for transfer of land certificate name

Land certificate illustration
Land certificate illustration (Photo: tataruang.id)

For some people, the process of changing the name of a certificate is a difficult thing. In addition, there are still many people who do not know the administrative procedures. However, if you already know the terms and procedures, then the name transfer process will be easy.

Before knowing the procedure, consider some of the transfer requirements that you need to complete, such as the following:

1. Application form

The first requirement that must be completed is the application form in the name of the name. This form must be signed by the applicant or attorney prior to submission. You also need to make sure you sign on the stamp bag.

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2. Photocopy of the applicant’s identity

There are at least two photocopies of ID that you need to prepare, namely your KTP and your Family Card (KK). If the transfer of the name of the certificate is authorized to another party, it is necessary to provide a photocopy of the identity of the person receiving the authorization.

3. Power of Attorney

This requirement is necessary if you do not care about the process of changing the name of the land certificate. So you need to make a power of attorney from the owner to the beneficiary. This power of attorney must be signed on a stamp as an application form.

4. Deed of establishment

The deed of establishment document is one of the important documents because later the official will accompany it with the original document. You need to prepare a photocopy of the establishment and approval of the legal entity.

5. Original certificate

Of course, the original certificate is a mandatory document for the certificate transfer process. Later, the name of the property on the certificate will be changed from the old owner to the new owner.

6. Deed of Sale and Purchase from PPAT

It should be noted that if you buy land before a notary, you will get a deed of sale and purchase (AJB) from the PPAT. In any case, if the purchase is not made through a notary, first you must take care to make an AJB from PPAT.

This document must be included in the management of the return of the name of the land certificate so that the process of the return of the name that you do goes well.

7. Photocopy of the Seller’s identity card

In addition to a photocopy of the buyer’s ID card, a photocopy of the seller’s ID card is also required. If the land is the result of inheritance, it is necessary to include a photocopy of the identity of the parents or the person who inherits it.

8. Transfer of Rights

This document must be included if the land certificate includes information that the right can be transferred only if permission to transfer the right has been obtained from the authorities.

9. Photocopy of SPPT and PBB

The last requirement that you need to prepare is a photocopy of the SPPT and PBB which will then be accompanied by the officer. SPPT and PPB submissions use the last year’s payment or the current year.

How much does it cost to transfer the name of a land certificate?

certificate name transfer fee
The cost of changing the name of the certificate (Photo: tirto.id)

When you want to change the name of a land certificate, you also need to prepare a transfer fee. You can pay the necessary fees to change the name directly to the interested parties.

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Here are some of the certificate transfer fees:

1. Fee for the acquisition of land and building rights (BPHTB)

The amount of the BPHTB fee is 5% of the sales price of land and buildings which of course has been reduced by NPOPTKP (Acquisition Value of Non-Taxable Property).

If the acquisition value of the tax object is unknown or lower than the NJOP in the year of acquisition, then the amount of BPHTB is equal to the NJOP in the imposition of PBB in the ‘year in the acquisition.

2. PPAT rate

If you don’t care about AJB to PPAT, then you need to take care of the process of doing AJB to PPAT. This manufacturing process requires a PPAT fee.

According to article 32, paragraph (1) PP 24/2016, namely “fee or honorarium for PPAT or PPAT Temporaneo, including witness fees, must not exceed 1% of the price of the transaction stated in the act”.

3. Fee for transfer of names to BPN

The amount of fees required for services to BPN is adjusted to the sale price of the land that has been agreed by the buyer and the seller. The way to calculate it is the sale value of the land divided by 1,000.

For example, the price of the land is IDR 300,000,000.00 then the fee you need to pay for the title transfer of the land certificate is IDR 300,000.00.

4. Land Certificate Check Fee

After submitting the land certificate, of course, the certificate must first be checked by the official. This process usually costs IDR 50,000.00.

5. Information service fee for land value

This costs Rp. 50,000.00 per parcel of land or property to be renamed.

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Procedure for Transfer of Name of Land Certificate

land certificate transfer procedure
Procedure to change the name of the land certificate (Photo: okezone.com)

In general, the procedure that must be done to change the name of a certificate there are two types of stages. Here are some procedures you need to do:

1. Courtesy of AJB at PPAT

Based on Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 regarding Land Registration, which faithfully manages title transfer certificates must go through PPAT.

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PPAT is a Land Enforcement Officer who can issue AJB. The deed is an official document that is used as legal evidence of the transfer of land rights from the seller to the buyer.

The purpose of carrying out this procedure is to avoid land disputes or the illegal purchase and sale of land. You need to prepare several documents such as the identity card, KK, NPWN, and marriage certificate.

After this, the PPAT official will verify the suitability of the legal and technical data from the data of the land certificate of the old owner of the land with the data held by the BPN.

2. Handling Name Transfer to BPN

After the land owner takes care of the AJB documents at the PPAT, the next step is to change the status of the AJB to SHM or HGU at the BPN office.

However, in general, certificate transfer can be done in two ways. First, the name transfer can be done independently and the second method can be done in the PPAT office.

If you want to take care independently, the owner of the land can visit the BPN office in accordance with the location of the land.

Procedure for Transferring the Name of the Land Certificate without a Notary

Once you understand the general requirements needed to take care of the transfer of your certificate of ownership, then you should have a small idea of ​​how to take care of it personally.

First, you should first look for information on the BPN website about the correct procedure for managing name transfers. So you no longer have to worry about going back and forth to the BPN office.

However, it should be noted that you already have AJB in PPAT so that the next process becomes smoother.

There are many BPN offices that require the name registration transfer to be done online. This is also what you need to know because different BPN office locations may have their own procedures.

After you have successfully registered your name at the BPN office, you must of course prepare all the new requirements mentioned above. Then you need to pay an administrative fee for the name of the land certificate.

So an explanation of the terms and procedures for the transfer of a land certificate name that you need to understand. After knowing the requirements and procedures for the transfer of the name of the certificate, then you do not need to be more confused if later you want to buy or receive an inheritance in the form of land.

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