Understand the exhaust fan and how to choose

Understand the exhaust fan and how to choose

Exhaust fan definition
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Definition of Exhaust Fan and How Choose it

The exhaust fan is a type of fan that is used for indoor air circulation. So, it gets in between internal and out of.

Meanwhile, exhaust fans it serves to suck in the air in the room to be discharged outside, and at the same time it draws fresh air into the room. In addition, the exhaust fan can also adjust the volume of air to be circulated in the room. To maintain health, the room needs air circulation so that there is always a change of the internal air with the fresh air from the outside.

Exhaust fans are widely used because they can cool the room without air conditioning.
Even so, those who use air conditioning should also install an exhaust fan, to reduce the humidity in the room.

Well, here are the things you should consider before choosing exhaust fan:

It depends on the area and the function of the room

In the choice exhaust fan, The first thing to note is the area of ​​the room. So also know the function of the room. For example, my office also functions as a smoking room. After that, just choose exhaust fan with specifications that match the area and function of the room.

Specification exhaust fan things to note include:

  • Electricity consumption (watts). Adjust to the power of our PLN electrical connection. If it’s too big, sometimes even do it sage.
  • RPM it is rotation per minute or fan revolutions per minute. The higher the RPM, the faster a exhaust fan draw air.
  • noise or noise level exhaust fan in decibels (db).
  • and the most important thing is Air volumesi.e. the volume of air that can be drawn from exhaust fan. Air volume is usually written in CMM (cubic meters per minute) or CMH (cubic meters per hour).
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The area and function of the room determine how big air change rate or air exchange requirement level written in ACH units (air changes for now).

How to choose an exhaust fan

The example in the following calculation imitates the installation case exhaust fan in a room at home.

  1. Calculate the volume of the room in cubic meters (m .)3), i.e. width x length x height of the room. Example:
    My workspace at home is 2.4m wide, 3m long and 2.5m high. Then the calculation of the volume of the room becomes: 2.4mx 4m x 2.5m = 18m3.
  2. Calculate the value of CMH air volume necessary to multiply the Volume of the room (m3) with Air change fee (ACH) according to the table above.
  3. Choose specifications exhaust fan The CMH value is equal to or greater than the CMH requirement of the room.

After reading the definition of the exhaust fan and how to choose, I hope you have complete information, OK!