Understand 8 Feng Shui Tips at home to bring good luck

Understand 8 Feng Shui Tips at home to bring good luck

Feng Shui is basically a belief of the ancient Chinese linked to the harmony of life with its dwelling. Even so, the feng shui of the house is still a guide for some people who believe in it.

For people who believe, the house or house in which we live can bring a smooth livelihood, health and other good things if the layout is arranged properly.

To bring good luck, the ancient Chinese people implemented many important things related to the proper arrangement of the house. So, get maximum luck or fortune.

To be able to understand more about the application of feng shui, this article will discuss starting from intelligence, the guides of feng shui in the house, as well as common room devices such as feng shui applications.

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Discover Feng Shui Home

Form of balance

The science of feng shui is one of the ancient topographical sciences developed by the Chinese people who believe that there is a harmonious relationship between man, heaven and earth.

The relationship will be harmonious if the man can receive positive energy or which one positive and avoid negative energy.

Of course, these energies come from many accompanying factors. One of them is optimizing the layout of their home.

That is why many people when building a house require the services of a feng shui expert so that the layout of the house is in accordance with the good feng shui guidelines.

The main goal is that these residents can live well and bring a lot of luck.

There are many ways or guidelines that you can apply to maximize the feng shui of your home as will be explained later.

Tips to maximize Feng Shui at home for luck

As explained before, feng shui is applied, one of which is to bring good luck or good fortune to the owner of the house.

In this way, anyone who applies feng shui to his home then expects a life that is more harmonious, healthy, and brings a lot of luck.

Here are some tips you can apply to maximize feng shui in your home:

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1. Using Colors that can bring luck

Gold color decoration
Gold color decoration (Photo: ms.pngtree.com)

The color is one of the things that the Chinese people believe is able to give good luck. Gold is a color that can give positive energy.

Therefore, many Chinese decorate their homes with gold to bring positive energy and smooth sustenance.

Even so, you do not need to use gold in all the colors of painting the walls of your house. But you can apply it to some home accents as additional decorations or ornaments.

2. Maximize ‘Water Flow’

shower decor
Shower decoration (Photo: dekoruma.com)

The flow of water is often associated as a flow of luck. As for the feng shui of your home, if possible, you can buy a small compact shower machine.

This is because it does not take up much space and is easy to operate. However, you should not put it in the bedroom because a closed room is believed to also prevent the flow of sustenance.

It is recommended to place the shower machine in a more open work or living room.

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3. Red paint on the door of the house

red paint on the door of the house
Red paint on the door of the house (Photo: inibaru.id)

In addition to the color gold, red is believed to bring prosperity and protection for the occupants of the house.

Many people who believe in feng shui then paint the door of the house red. Of course, you can apply this and also not.

So, it is good if you do not paint the door of your house red, but also use red accents in some parts of your house.

4. Maximize Open Space and Minimize Furniture

minimalist room
Minimalist room

The minimalist concept is one of the concepts that you can apply to the application of feng shui in your home.

The creation of spacious rooms is considered to be able to bring luck and fortune, while minimal furniture can make the occupants of the house move freely in the house.

In addition, the function of the lack of furniture in your home is so that you can take better care of the existing furniture. It is also recommended not to buy a lot of furniture that is not necessary.

5. Use Glass at home

Room with large glass
Room with large glass

Placing glass in the room is a way to bring more luck and fortune. For feng shui experts, glass or mirrors in the room are considered to emit positive energy.

When you put glass in a room, it is believed that it can bring positive energy into the house. In addition, with a large glass or mirror can also give a unique and elegant impression to the interior of the house.

Of course, you can benefit from the use of glass in the room because the natural light will enter perfectly and illuminate the room well.

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6. Merawat Tanaman Hoki

Tanaman Chinese money
Tanaman Chinese money (Photo: gardenersworld.com)

There are many ornamental plants in the house that are considered to bring good luck to the owner of the house. One of which is peperomiode piles known as Chinese money and jade plant.

Plant Chinese money it has coin-shaped leaves and jade plant the shape of jade. This, of course, makes the owner of the house feel like he is looking for money.

This type of plant is believed in the science of home feng shui to bring luck and fortune to the owner of the house.

7. Citrine Crystal Decoration

citrine crystal
Citrine crystal decoration (Photo: fengshuigalleria.com)

To create a sense of confidence and optimism in carrying out daily activities, feng shui experts suggest adding citrine crystals as home decorations.

This is considered very important because we can feel confident that we can support our goals and live a much better life. You can place a citrine crystal in an area of ​​wealth or in another room in your home.

8. Money Frog Decoration

money frog decoration
Money frog decoration (Photo: sonora.id)

In addition to citrine crystals, a good decoration for the feng shui of a home is a money frog. The money frog is considered a symbol that can invite prosperity and abundance in life.

Not only that, the money frog can also be seen as a symbol of the longevity and wisdom of the home owner.

This does not escape the legend from China where there is a frog that can produce coins from its mouth. Therefore, now the frog is used as a home decoration that can generate prosperity.

Rules of Feng Shui in the house

Here are some feng shui arrangements that are commonly applied in residential areas, as follows:

1. Main door

The door is the main road or associated as a mouth which one. This is associated with all the luck and energy in the house.

You have to give the right proportions to the door according to the size of your house.

The front door or main door should lead directly to the back door. Therefore, if there is negative energy entering the house, then this energy can immediately leave without staying or stopping in the house first.

Some feng shui that you can apply to the door of the people, as follows:

  • Make sure your bell is working properly.
  • Make sure there is enough light to illuminate the door and that it is not closed.
  • Avoid the front door area from crowded or messy conditions.

2. Bedrooms

The next place to notice is the camera. According to feng shui, do not let the room be placed above the garage.

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This can be uncomfortable and affect the feng shui of your bedroom. Some things that you need to pay attention to the applications of the feng shui room, as follows:

  • Organize the air circulation in the room as best as possible to bring energy which one.
  • Do not make the room above the garage and adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Adjust the position of the bed right in the middle or in other areas.

3. Cooking

The layout of the room that needs attention in the house is the kitchen. In feng shui, the kitchen is a place where positive energy is present. Therefore, do not leave the kitchen adjacent to the bathroom.

The reason is that the bathroom is a place where negative energy gathers. Thus, the positive energy in the kitchen will be sucked by the negative energy that emerges from the bathroom.

As for other things you can apply, namely:

  • Use the stove at least once a day so that the energy in the kitchen remains active.
  • Regularly dispose of expired food.
  • Keep the stove clean and make sure the stove is in good condition.

4. Family or guest room

Draft open space or open space is one of the good things you can apply to the family or guest room. This room is definitely a place where many people gather at the same time.

There are several home feng shui that you can apply to living or guest rooms, including:

  • Add plant ornaments that work as decorations and can give a natural feel and invite health.
  • Ensure natural lighting and good air circulation.
  • Use a rug or carpet right in the middle of the room.
  • You can use the five colors that represent energy however you want.

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5. Bathroom

According to the science of feng shui, the location of the bathroom should be far from the room and also the place of worship at home.

These places are places that have positive energy. So, if there is a place that has negative energy, like the bathroom, then it will be covered with that negative energy.

Here are some things you can apply in your bathroom to optimize your bathroom feng shui:

  • Close the toilet seat after use.
  • Add living plants that work to convert water energy.
  • To remove negative energy, always wash with water after using the bathroom.


Home feng shui is a science developed by ancient Chinese society that is still relevant today. This has to do with the harmonious relationship between man, heaven and earth.

You can do some feng shui applications at home as mentioned. Some places that you need to pay attention to are the main door, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room or living room, and the bedroom.

It is information about home feng shui that you can apply to your daily life. I hope this article is useful and helps you apply feng shui to your home.