Types – Types of Sofa Fabrics, Comfortable and Durable

Types – Types of Sofa Fabrics, Comfortable and Durable

fabric for the sofa
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Type of fabric for sofa.

The sofa is one of the most important components of the house. Usually, sofas are used for decades. The foam and fabric components have never been replaced, at least they have been washed.

Speaking of decades, the components in the form of fabric for sofas have an important role. The selection will determine the quality of the sofa in the long run. Not only this, the comfort when sitting or relaxing on it is also seen by the type of fabric used.

There are many types of fabric for sofas that you can use. To something? Here is the complete list.

Cotton Sofa Fabric

This type of fabric for sofas is most often used. This is because the texture is soft and also durable. If you plan to use cotton for the sofa, the way to choose is how tight the threads are. The closer, the stronger.

Polyester Sofa Fabric

Polyester material is often used in the textile world. But not often used even on furniture like this sofa. The material is thick, strong, durable, not easy to wrinkle or tear. Choosing colors that match the theme of the house will make your home comfortable and beautiful.

Linen sofa fabric

This type of fabric is used by residents of houses with many children, especially for studying and playing. Yes, linen easily absorbs liquid materials such as ink and markers. It is easy to absorb, but also easy to clean, so in elections people usually choose bright colors without reasons.

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Type Rayon Fabric

Rayon is often confused with linen or cotton, but in fact they are different. It can be seen in terms of price, rayon is cheaper than the two materials before. But even so, this type of rayon fabric remains strong and durable. More importantly, later when you use a sofa made of this material, do not do it in a flammable place.

Type of nylon fabric

Nylon fabric is also a favorite material for people in the manufacture of sofas. This synthetic fiber material is suitable for you to often do activities on the sofa, for example eating and working. This is because nylon is much easier to clean than other materials. Not only that, nylon is also not easy to tear.

Chenille fabric type

Your house is in classic style or rustic, a sofa with chenille fabric is suitable for you to use. The material can last a long time because the knitting is very strong. It’s just that, you have to be careful when moving on a sofa made of chenille because this material tends to be difficult to clean.

Velvet fabric for sofa

Chenille for classics, while velvet is used for luxury homes. This is because of the color and material of this fabric bold obvious In terms of durability, this material is strong so it can last for decades.

However, velvet fabric for sofas has its drawbacks, especially for those of you who have pets. Their fur can stick and be difficult to clean. Tip, you should use a special comb or vacuum cleaner for animal hair.

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Oscar fabric for a sofa

Oscar fabric is often used in many homes as well. The basic material of this fabric is leather so it doesn’t get dirty easily, and once it gets dirty it can be easily cleaned.

In terms of strength, don’t ask. Sofas with Oscar material can last for decades. One way to take care of this is to clean the sofa lotion or moisturizer.

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