Types of vines for canopies and their prices

Types of vines for canopies and their prices

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Types of vines for the canopy.

Living in an area with minimal trees makes the residential atmosphere warmer. The way to solve this is to build your own green. At home, you don’t just have to put plants in pots, but you can also plant them in a canopy.

Plants commonly used for canopies are vines. Not only will it make the house cooler, but it will add to the aesthetic value of the exterior of the house and also for medicine!

If you are interested, all you have to do is choose the type of vines for the canopy. Look for plants that have beautiful flowers so that when they bloom, your home will be much more colorful. Here are the types of vines for the best canopy:

Bridal tears

The vines for the first canopy are wedding tears. Plants with English names coral vine or Latin antigonus leptopus This is very suitable as a decoration of the canopy of the house because the color is very beautiful.

In addition, this plant also has benefits for the treatment of diabetes. In the planting process, wedding tears can grow in different habitats, in different ways, such as from seeds, stem cuttings to grafts.

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Wedding tears plant price

You can buy this plant at a price IDR 7,000 – IDR 35,000


Who does not know Alamanda plants? This beautiful vineyard is often called the Golden Trumpet, Buttercup or Yellow Bell. It originated in Central America and then spread throughout the world.

Yes, Alamanda can be found in many residences. Residents use a variety of media to grow this plant, but most often it propagates to the canopy.

The beautiful yellow color makes the front of the house very colorful. People who come or pass feel the positive air from the house. How to grow these vines is not difficult, the important thing is that the lighting is enough.

The price of Alamanda plants

You can buy this plant at a price IDR 10,000 – IDR 50,000


Third is Petrea or genus. This vine comes from Mexico, Central America and has successfully spread to tropical countries such as Indonesia. Seeing at first you might think that Petrea is the same as Lavender, but it is different because the structure of Petrea is much thicker.

You can use it as an ornamental plant because Petrea can grow in a variety of conditions. As in a canopy exposed to direct sunlight, they will not dry out. How to care for him only water the soil where Petrea grows because he likes moist soil.

The price of the Petrea plant

The price of this plant is in range IDR 65,000 – IDR 170,000

Plants for canopy called Betel Leaf

Indonesia is rich in traditional medicine. Starting from plants that can be consumed directly to those that must be processed first. One of the plants most often found as ingredients in traditional medicine is the betel leaf.

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This type of plant creeps so you can grow it from fences to canopies. Various diseases can be treated with this plant, such as allergies, nosebleeds, minor burns, bleeding gums, to heart disease.

From the way of planting, it is not difficult. Just provide media such as pots and fertilizers. If it grows well, water it at least once a day. Oh, yes, if the betel leaf has started to spread to unwanted places, immediately cut the stem of the betel leaf.

The price of Betel Leaf Seeds

The seeds of this plant are very cheap, you can buy them at a low price IDR 1,000 – IDR 5,000

Lee Kwan Yew

The vine for the next canopy is Lee Kwan Yew. The name of this plant is unique because it is taken from the name of the Prime Minister of Singapore. For a long time, landscape architects have used Lee Kwan Yew as a support plant for homes that want to have vertical gardens.

They can extend from 0.5 meters to 3 meters towards the ground. If planted in large numbers in the canopy, Lee Kwan Yew plants will look like curtains, very beautiful! Coupled with the white color of flowers that add to the aesthetics of the home atmosphere.

The price of the Lee Kwan Yew plant

The price is not too expensive, that is in numbers IDR 5,000 – IDR 30,000

Flame of Irian

Afterwards flame of Irian which is a typical Indonesian vine. The origin of this plant is from Papua and is often referred to as “Tiger’s Nail”.

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It has this name because the color of this flower is a very impressive red. Those of you who have a light colored canopy are very suitable to use this plant. How to plant is also easy because tiger claws can grow in different conditions.

Normally it is at 30-35 degrees with soil not too wet. In a month, this flower can be 3-5 times. Because it spreads very quickly, you must provide the right media, therefore, flame of Irian is suitable to be planted in the canopy of the house.

Plant prices Flame of Irian

The price of this plant starts from IDR 95,000 – IDR 300,000

Vines for Ivy Canopy

Ivy is very popular among vines for canopies. The shape of the leaves is unique and very beautiful. How to take care of ivy plants is not difficult, it is enough to pay attention to the sun exposure, soil moisture and water. Water at least once a day. Also, change the fertilizer every two weeks.

The ivy plants are fast growing and quite aggressive. What this means is that they can propagate in different parts of the house, like in a yard where there is no grass. If this is the case, do some trimming in some parts to keep it beautiful.

The price of the Ivy plant

The price of this plant is in range IDR 10,000 – IDR 50,000

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