Types of LED lights and their advantages

Types of LED lights and their advantages

LED light type

We can’t deny, to get the right lighting, we need to know the different types of lights, especially the types LED lamp.

Although they have the same main function as a light bulb, which is to illuminate a room, these lights still have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it depends on the type you use in each room.

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The difference between CFL and LED lamps

In general, there are two types of lighting technology, viz Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and light Issuing Diodes (LED). Well, of course, these two types of lamps have some differences, as follows.

1. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

type of led light
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lamp Compact fluorescent it works by conducting an electric current in a tube filled with mercury vapor and argon. The resulting ultraviolet waves cause the phosphor to glow and produce light. This type of lamp has been on the market since 1995.


  1. On average, these lamps use about 75 percent of electricity. If we compare with its predecessor, i.e. the light bulb, this type of CFL lamp has a 10 times longer life.
  2. The price is relatively cheap.
  3. The use of this lamp for the area of ​​the house can reduce the emissions of the greenhouse effect.


  1. Complex technology often causes errors. This is because the resistance of the lamp is much shorter than the time it should be.
  2. Research shows that low-quality CFL bulbs darken faster.
  3. Because it contains mercury, the waste from these lamps requires special handling so as not to pollute the environment.
  4. This lamp design requires some time (30 seconds to three minutes) before reaching its maximum brightness level.
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2. Light emitting diodes (LED)

type of lamp
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LED lights have the nickname as the light source in the 21st century. This type of LED lamp uses semi-conductor technology which is almost the same as computer technology. smartphonesto the electronic devices we use today.


  1. Some types of lighting and LED lamps are able to produce 135 lumens / watt. You can compare it with a light bulb, which on average is only able to emit 15 lumens/watt.
  2. This type of LED lamp immediately reaches its maximum brightness without needing a “warm-up” period like CFL lamps.
  3. More environmentally friendly, not only because of its efficiency, but also because it does not contain dangerous materials such as mercury.
  4. Given the technology in LED lights is similar to that applied chip computer, this type of lamp is very controlled. In fact, you can change the color and brightness level of each lamp as you wish.


  1. They cost more.
  2. Lights scattered in all directions. For example, an LED lamp attached to a table lamp produces a beam that can illuminate an entire room.

So, what are the types of LED lights?

Here are some types of LED lights that you can use according to your needs at home.

LED lamp super flow have a bright enough light. It is no wonder that superflux LED lights are often used for billboards and vehicle lights.

LED light size super flow many varieties, namely 3 mm, 5 mm, and there is also a flat model.

The next type of LED lamp is an LED lamp bicolor which can have more than one light color. Usually, LED lights bicolor used for home decoration.

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The LED light that is often used in flashlights is often called Surface Mount Device or SMD. SMD LED lamps are quite small in size, even they look like nuts.

This LED light has a size of about 0.2 mm. In general, miniature LEDs are used in electronic devices such as monitors and TVs that have LCD panels.

LED lamp High Intensity produces a very bright and intense light than other LED lights. Usually, one lamp is equivalent to 25 incandescent light bulbs.

Of course, LED lights High Intensity keep the environment and durable.

The best LED light tips

After knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the two types of lamps above, of course you prefer the LED type of lamp, right?

We also have some LED lamp recommendations, as follows.

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