Types of Accommodation Suitable for New Families

Types of Accommodation Suitable for New Families

Couples who got married and start building a new family definitely need a house as a place to live. A house or a place to live is a basic need for everyone, especially a new family starting domestic life.

Therefore, for the new couple, thinking about a house to live in is a first priority. Finding a suitable home will certainly be a challenge.

Home ownership is not an obligation. For those of you who got married, you can rent a house or maybe stay in the house of your parents or relatives. However, having your own home is definitely highly recommended. There are many benefits that you can get if you and your partner live apart from your parents or relatives.

You certainly want to have your own home that functions as a special place to live for your family without anyone outside of your family. Also, having your own home allows you and your partner to be free to arrange and decorate the home as they wish.

Buying a new home is a big decision. There are many things that you should consider starting from the cost you have, what type of house model you want, the surrounding environment, the location and so on.

Of course, you and your partner should think carefully about these things before you start shopping. If you are ready, then you can immediately choose what kind of house you and your partner want.

Currently, many housing developers are developing new housing complexes that you can choose from. There are many types and models of home designs that you can choose from. As a reference for you, continue reading this article on what type of house is suitable for a new family.

The ideal type of home for a new family

The decision to choose a particular type or model of a house really comes down to the tastes of each new family. Each new family has different future plans that make the need for a home even different. Therefore, the model of the house chosen will be different for each new family.

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Buying your first home should be carefully thought out. The first house model you choose should be able to meet the needs of your new family now and in the future. The type of house size and the model of the house will determine whether the housing you choose is suitable or not.

For those who are still confused, you can look for references to the type and model of the house that is suitable for your new family. In this article, we will discuss different types and models of houses that are suitable for new families. Here are the types and models of first homes that are suitable for new families:

Type of house Cluster

cluster houses are in great demand from new families
Many new families are interested in buying a cluster home as their first home

House cluster or cluster is the type of house that is most often marketed today. Many real estate developers are developing cluster housing projects in strategic locations in the Greater Jakarta area today.

Many cluster houses, even if they are far from the city center, are located in strategic locations with adequate public transport facilities such as access to the city center and office centers.

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Cluster houses generally have a minimalist and contemporary design. Of course, it is very suitable for new families who don’t have children so they don’t need a lot of space. For those of you who want your first home in a complex with many support facilities and well-maintained security, then a cluster home may be the right choice. There are many types of sizes that you can choose from types 36, 60, 70, and so on.

You can choose an accommodation cluster that has adequate public transport facilities around it. So you always have easy and efficient access to the city center. In addition to public transport services, there are also many cluster houses that already have support facilities such as fitness centers, shopping centers, etc.

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Type of house Townhouse

Single family homes are one of the most popular types of homes for new families
Townhouse is a type of house that can be an option for your new family

If the cluster house is usually located far from the city center, then the house town house located in the city center or near the city center with a small number of houses in a complex. Type of house town house also suitable for new families looking for their first home.

This type of house is suitable for those of you who want to live in the city center or near the city center. Therefore, access to the city center or the office center is very easy. You can use public transport or your own private vehicle to get to the city center because the distance is always relatively close.

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For those of you who are a new family and looking for your first home with a place that is still close to the city center, then town house could be the right choice. Now, the home design town house still quite modern and contemporary accompanied by a small number of houses in a complex, so that your private atmosphere is maintained.

House Tread used

Buying a used home requires incurring renovation or repair costs
Buying a used house or an old house requires preparing the costs for repairs and renovations

Used detached houses are also still in high demand today. Many types of used houses that are sold today are located in the city center with a very strategic location. In addition, the wide selection of sizes and designs makes your choices very many.

Starting from ancient and modern home designs, you can choose according to taste. You can choose different house sizes and the number of rooms in the house according to your needs. For those of you who really want to live in the city center and want a big house with a lot of space, then you can look for a used house.

The downside of used homes is that they are more expensive than new homes. In addition, because the house is used, there is the possibility that you have to repair or renovate the house to have to pay more.

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If you are ready to spend more for your first home, then you can choose to buy a used home. There are many advantages that you can get, starting from a strategic location of the city center, the location of the house in a complex that is already crowded and structured, and so on.

You can choose the type of house above your needs. There are many more types and concepts of houses that you can choose from. In fact, now there is a concept of a house that is growing as a house on the rise or a house located in the TOD area (Transit Oriented Development). You are free to do your own research and add your references before buying the first home for your new family.

Gardens at Candi Sawangan, New Home for New Families

Gardens at Candi Sawangan is the accommodation you can choose when buying your first home for your new family. Located in Sawangan, Depok, this accommodation offers a comfortable and beautiful residence that is definitely suitable for newly married couples.

Gardens at Candi Sawangan offers cluster houses with different types of houses that you can choose according to your needs and tastes. Candi Sawangan Housing Gardens were built adopting the concept of green life and sustainable development. In addition, the public support services that have been integrated into the residential areas further increase the comfort and efficiency of your stay.

Gardens at Candi Sawangan is also a housing complex that integrates technology to increase comfort and convenience for residents. With system smart home integrated into every home, you can enjoy the experience of living in an efficient and energy-efficient residence. For those of you who are interested, click on the link below.