Types, Advantages at the last Prices

Types, Advantages at the last Prices

Types of precast concrete

Do you already know what types of precast concrete can be used for buildings? If you don’t know, see the full review in this article.

You may have played in a park or garden that you use paving block like a foot.

It is a type of concrete prefabricated for home, maybe you just found out.

Maybe you see it more often in the construction of the building, you just don’t understand the type.

Concrete prefabricated meaning precast concrete, this building material is molded and made in the factory before it is used.

There are many types, there are wet and dry. The shape of the mold can also be adjusted according to the needs.

Of course, there are standards and quality that must be passed for the manufacture of prefabricated concrete.

Including a sufficient maintenance life before finally being used. in a natural period of time.

Currently, different types of concrete prefabricated It has been widely used, such as the construction of houses, industries, buildings, and others.

At first, www.lacrymosemedia.com never discussed construction costs of prefabricated houses some time ago.

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The following is a review of the types of concrete prefabricatedadvantages and the latest prices for 2022 as reported by the site pengadaan.web.id and other sources.

7 Types of Precast Concrete and their Advantages

1. Pay Concrete Panel

pay concrete panel

Source: asamatrialonline.co.id/

A concrete panel fence is a rectangular beam that is arranged vertically and is reinforced by supporting a column.

The use of prefabricated concrete fence is often encountered because it is quite robust and durable as a barrier.

2. The Pit

The precast concrete pit type

Source: procurement.web.id

If you are looking for a variety of precast concrete for drainage, then The Ditch is the choice.

This type of concrete works to drain water well. Then it is known as the element of irrigation or irrigation.

3. Concrete Barrier Road

Concrete road barrier

Source: procurement.web.id

Concrete road barrier is a type of road divider used for permanent construction.

Aim to close the space or land so it is not easy to move, it can be found on the highway.

4. RCP Concrete Pipe

Types of RCP Concrete Pipe

Source: readymix.co.id

RCP concrete pipe (Concrete Pipe Reinforcements) is a robust elongated cylindrical pipe.

Usually used for drainage or sewerage in buildings as culverts.

5. Box Culvert

Box Culvert

Source: concrete.co.id

This type of concrete is usually for underground drainage, similar to the previous precast concrete material.

Like RCP concrete pipes, the benefits can be for culverts and wastewater drainage.

6. Kanstin


Source: solutionsconstruction.com

Kanstin is one of the most common types of precast concrete when driving on the highway.

It serves as a barrier on the shoulder of the road or road. Functions similar to concrete road barrier.

7. Paving

paving block

Source: conbloc.com

This type of concrete is more familiar because it is commonly used in gardens and construction sites, it can be an easy choice to obtain.

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Paving it might as well be precast concrete for a robust and durable home page floor.

Advantages of Precast Concrete

As a building material, precast concrete has a number of advantages that make it a choice.

1. Various Forms of Concrete Panels

This type of prefabricated concrete can be shaped according to the needs, especially on the outside of the house.

Especially for curved formations that are generally difficult to achieve with the cement process in place.

In addition, some architectural details such as the facade of the building can be made with concrete prefabricated.

2. Easy installation

Installation of various types of concrete prefabricated It is also quite easy, this material only needs to be installed on the necessary part.

Its precise shape also facilitates the installation of each panel, of course because it has been molded in the factory.

3. Uniform quality

The quality and strength of each of the same concrete is suitable to be used as a building material, this material is printed with standard quality.

These types of prefabricated concrete are molded with advanced technology that regulates the composition and strength of the concrete.

4. It does not depend on the weather

Advantages of concrete prefabricated It does not depend on the time on the process because it uses advanced technology.

In contrast to cast betok in a place that will be forced if the weather is not friendly like raining or cloudy.

5. Save time and cost

Concrete prefabricated there is no need to wait for the concrete to mature after the panel distribution process from the factory to the construction site.

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The reason is, this concrete can already be installed directly on the building so that it is more time and cost efficient.

The latest price of precast concrete 2022

Do you already know which precast concrete you want to choose?

If you are still confused, you must first know the prices of various types of prefabricated concrete as a consideration.

The following is the price of various types of prefabricated concrete on the market.

  1. Daun pagar panel size 240 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm Rp139.000/pcs
  2. The prefabricated Ditch size 80x80x120 Rp1.098.000 /pz
  3. Cover U Ditch size 80 heavy duty Rp 369,755 / pc
  4. Concrete barrier size 1000 x 600 x 1000 Rp926,400 /pc
  5. Concrete pipe depth ∅-600 P: 1.25 m Rp868,810 /pcs
  6. Box culvert size 180x180x100 Rp7,100,000 /pc
  7. Kanstin size B2 Rp 35,000 / pc
  8. Paving brick size K 350 6cm Rp112,500 /pz


It is a review of various types of precast concrete with their prices and advantages.

Hope useful for you, Property People.

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