Type 36 Apartment design that is simple but still comfortable

Type 36 Apartment design that is simple but still comfortable

Apartments are not only synonymous with housing in the city center, but also affordable housing for strategic locations. But unfortunately, apartments in the city center often only offer a strategic location, but not with a large enough area. Therefore, apartments with type 36 are often an attractive choice. The design of the type 36 apartments can also be more different according to your needs layout available

Due to limited land, the design of the apartment type 36 requires a special layout that maximizes each area. This is useful for the comfortable residence of the occupants. Even tight, with layout A good makes the apartment livable.

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The most popular apartment design tips of the type 36

You can follow the following types of 36 apartment design types with a minimalist style, Pins!

Minimalist design with 2 bedrooms

36. apartment design

Type 36 apartment design with layout This usually consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and also a family room, 1 kitchen, and 1 bathroom located outside the room. The design for this type requires a special arrangement because the area is quite limited. To design this type of 2 bedroom apartment, you can try the following design styles.

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Special Internal Use


Apartment type 36 with a 2-room model usually requires furniture specifically to maximize any area existing or even known as smart furniture. Maximizing interior design is usually a priority in the living room and kitchen area. With a special interior, every space of the room is not lost.

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The area of ​​the family room can also be maximized for storage shelves. But you need to know, for the manufacture of a special interior you also have to be prepared budget separately, Pins.

Light colored paint

36. apartment design
(Home World Design)

The designs of the apartment can also be interesting with the color of the walls depending on the room. Using light-colored wall paint for the public room area, especially for the family room, will make the room appear larger.

The walls in this area of ​​the room should also be arranged with the use of minimal decorations to avoid the impression of the room being too crowded. In addition, the application of bright color paint also applies to your furniture or interior paint colors, Pins.

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Flexible living area

(Women’s Week)

An alternative to the design of the apartment type 36 with a 2-room model is to make the area of ​​the family room more flexible. For example, making it versatile is not just a place to relax. In the family room area, this model can be converted into a sleeping area for guests.

Use of design smart furniture as in the example above is a lot of space to save. The relaxing sofa can be used as a place to sleep at the same time.

The use of minimalist furniture

36. apartment design

Disposition for the design of type 36 apartments with 2-room models usually tend to be narrower in public areas. As an alternative design, it is better to use flexible furniture or furniture that does not take up much space. One of them is minimalist style furniture.

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Type 36 1 Bedroom Apartment Design

(Hotel Planet)

In addition to the 2-bedroom apartment model, the layout of apartment type 36 also comes with the following type: layout 1 room. In this type, you can discover more in apartment design type 36. This type of apartment usually comes with 1 bedroom, 1 living room including a family room, 1 kitchen and also 1 bathroom. With this type of 1-room apartment, you can design public spaces more freely. As in some of the examples below!

Mezzanine concept

36. apartment design

The apartments of type 36 with 1 bedroom models are often made with unique designs, such as adding a mezzanine or made as having 2 floors. The lower area is made for the public area, while the private area or bedroom is made above. The use of a model like this can maximize the interior of the apartment for storage shelves that are certainly not small. But the thing to note is that the ceiling of your apartment is high enough to consist of 2 floors, Pins!

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The use of glass partitions


Unlike the studio type that has rooms without partitions, type 36 apartments with 1 bedroom models usually have their own rooms. One of the simple and comfortable type 36 apartment designs can also make a room divider with glass material.

With this design model, it allows us to see in the area of ​​the family room. Not only that, glass ornaments create an empty impression even if the room is insulated.

High level sleeping area

36. apartment design

The following design is suitable for a 1-bedroom apartment type without a partition between the bedroom and public areas. Making a level for the sleeping area is a way to maximize the use of space. The use of special furniture designs like this means that the area under the mattress can be used as a storage or a closet. In this way, a mattress with a higher level like this no longer needs a cradle as the base of the mattress.

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So, how did Pins inspire the design of the lacrymosemedia type 36 apartment this time? With the right design, the area of ​​the apartment type 36 can also make you feel comfortable, right? In addition, it can also make you not bored and always feel at home. I hope it inspires!

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