Treaded Houses: Understand strengths and weaknesses

Treaded Houses: Understand strengths and weaknesses

Currently the development of tread houses is developing for the best. Starting from the concepts and types that are more and more varied.

Home site or landed house it is still the most popular residence. With a variety of benefits you can get, landed house be the best choice.

To learn more, this article will discuss them starting from their understanding, the advantages, the disadvantages, to advice to choose them. Check out the full article review below!

What is a Tread House?

Illustration of a landed house
Illustration of a landed house

earthen house (landed house) is a type of house that is built on a plot of land with limited land or a limited size. In the context of housing, detached houses are usually built in residential areas that are limited by land and have a relatively small size compared to other houses in the area. Even if the size of the land is limited, landed houses have many advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before deciding to buy or build. landed house.

One of the advantages of landed house is the price is more affordable compared to other houses in the area. This is due to the limited size of the land, so the cost of buying the land becomes cheaper. In addition, the construction prices are also cheaper compared to larger houses due to the need for less construction materials. Although it has a smaller size, however landed house usually have a unique and attractive design.

However, the disadvantages of landed house is the limited area of ​​land owned. So that the available space is limited and sometimes not enough for the needs of the family. Derelict houses also have the potential to be affected by floods and landslides, especially if the location is in an area prone to natural disasters.

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In general, landed house is an attractive option for those looking for a home with affordable prices and a unique design. However, it is necessary to pay attention to its shortcomings, such as the limited surface of land, the potential of floods and landslides, and limited access to vehicles. Therefore, the selection of the site and the correct planning are very important in the construction or purchase of a detached house.

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Advantages of Home Site

A tread house has several advantages that make it attractive to some people, including:

1. Affordable Prices

Limited lots and smaller home sizes generally keep prices down landed house cheaper than bigger houses. This makes it a good choice for those who want to have their own residence on a tight budget.

2. Ownership status

One of the advantages of having landed house it is the ownership of the land of the house you bought. This is different from apartments or flats that only provide building use rights. By buying this residence, you also acquire the rights to the land on which the house is built.

3. Healthier life

Landed house they often have a small garden or open green space that can be used to grow vegetables or ornamental plants. In addition to giving beauty to the house, this garden can also help improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. This can provide a healthier and more comfortable environment to live in.

4. Quiet environment

Because the landed houses are usually located in smaller residential areas, the environment created is also quieter and more comfortable. Away from the traffic noise, landed house it is the right choice for those who want a more peaceful and comfortable life.

5. Easier maintenance

Remember landed house which has a relatively small size, then the maintenance of the house becomes easier and more efficient. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to care or clean your home.

In general, detached houses are an attractive option for those looking for affordable houses with flexible designs. In addition to that, landed house it also has advantages in terms of a quiet environment, a healthier life and easier maintenance.

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However, before buying or building landed houseit is also important to consider the disadvantages and risks that may occur.

Disadvantages of the home site

Besides having advantages, landed house It also has several disadvantages that should be considered before buying or building a house, including:

1. Limited size

Land size limitations landed house limiting the room to expand and giving the owners of the houses to expand. This means that the space available for gardens, courtyards and parking can be very limited.

If the owner of the house wants to increase the space, then he must build an additional structure that can cost more.

2. Relatively Low Security

Landed homes tend to be located in smaller residential neighborhoods, which may not have adequate security facilities. It can be done landed house becomes more vulnerable to crimes such as theft or robbery.

3. Unable to Maximize To see or Landscape

For what landed house usually standing between other houses, the owners cannot maximize the views or views that may be available. This is different from a terrace house or a house with a higher roof, which can allow the owner to enjoy a wider and more spectacular view.

4. Dependence of Neighbors

Landed house located among other houses in a housing complex or village. Therefore, there is a greater dependence on the neighbors, such as in terms of parking, parks or a clean environment.

If the neighbors do not take good care of the environment, this can have a negative impact on the sales price and the quality of life in the area. landed house.

In general, though landed house it has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages that must be considered before buying or building a house. It is important to evaluate personal needs and preferences before deciding whether a land home is the best choice.

Tips for choosing a good tread house

Choosing a home site can be a challenging task. However, by considering many factors, you can make the right decision and find the right home for you and your family. Here are some tips that can help you choose ground house:

  1. Location: Consider factors such as safety, transportation, access to public facilities, and distance to work, school, or recreational areas. Make sure the residence is in a safe, comfortable environment and close to important facilities.
  2. Cut down: Consider the size landed house and if the size is suitable for your needs. Consider the number of family members, space requirements and future needs.
  3. Construction conditions: Be sure to check the condition of the building landed house before deciding to buy. Check for structural damage or other problems that need to be repaired. Make sure too landed house having obtained building permits and the necessary documents.
  4. price: Determine your budget and search landed house that fits the budget. Consider additional costs such as notary fees, certificate fees and other fees.
  5. Facility: Check the facilities available on site and the surrounding environment. Make sure there is access to facilities such as parks, shopping centers, sports facilities and recreational areas.
  6. Nearby: Know your neighbors. Find out if they are friendly and cooperative, or if they may be involved in problems that could impact your life landed house.
  7. Environment: Be sure of the environment of the place landed house they are safe, comfortable, and have adequate facilities. Check if the neighborhood has easy access to public transportation or is easy to drive to.
  8. Price trends: Check price trends landed house in the region you choose. If the price trend continues to rise, then this can be a good long-term investment.
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Considering these factors, you can choose a land house that fits your needs and budget and can provide comfort and security for your family.

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A land house is a type of housing that allows the owner to own land and buildings personally. Compared to apartments or flats, the advantage of owning a land house is the ownership of land that can be designed and managed by yourself.

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