Transform the Terrace into a Functional Mini Living Room

Transform the Terrace into a Functional Mini Living Room

Minimalist homes located on a fairly limited plot of land sometimes make the owner have to be smart to rack his brain. The design used presents the general appearance. Transform the terrace into a living room, one of them. This interesting idea is able to make a narrow space in the house more spacious.

Using ideas to make a living room on the terrace of the house can also minimize the use of space inside the house. You can use it as another room like a family room and an open kitchen design.

Transform the Terrace into a Minimalist Living Room


The magic of the terrace in a minimalist living room can also be done by choosing a display design that tends to be simple. You can put a transparent canopy so that the residential terrace is maintained when the rainy season arrives. Put a comfortable natural color sofa and try to put a small table as a sweetener. If you want to look more charming, you can play in the selection of unique patterns of ceramic floors.

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Beautiful appearance with minimal maintenance


Using synthetic carpets can also be an alternative, Pins! Those of you who are happy with a beautiful atmosphere, but do not want to take care of a lot of plants, can use it. Synthetic grass with an attractive appearance can turn the terrace of the house into a pleasant living room. Add a nice piece of furniture to it, then your living room terrace will become your favorite place to live.

Unique Furniture Design


Another idea to turn the terrace into an attractive living room is to emphasize the selection of furniture in it. It is also possible to combine several pieces of furniture with different materials. You can use a minimalist sofa, rattan chairs for swing chairs here. In any case, try to choose a basic design of the floor and the wall without a reason, because the space is always harmonious.

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Carrying on the Bohemian theme


A bold bohemian theme with detailed shades of decor can also add warmth to the living room. Especially if you are in the terrace area of ​​the house. You can use some decorative fabrics for tables and sofas with rattan as the basic material for the furniture. Do not forget to use the wooden terrace floor so that your living room terrace is rich in bohemian elements.

Simple model with attractive appearance


A simple model on the terrace of the house can also be a basic idea to implement a design. The living room is designed with an L-shaped appearance with a wooden sofa attached to the wall area. Do not forget to add some decorative pillows as a sweetener that also adds comfort when chatting.

Transform the Terrace into a Modern Style Living Room


A modern living room with a contemporary look is also able to make the residence attractive. This will also add to your comfort when you are at home. The most important thing is to keep it as simple as possible with a game of discreet colors. Add some bushes in the area around the terrace for a nice and fresh air.

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Simple living room design


Also, for a simple look, you can rely on some furniture ornaments that should be in the room. Like chairs and tables. The two pieces of furniture should be in the living room as a place for people to sit and put things. Both can be placed one each with a minimalist look. You can also add a rug made of wood or rattan for a more artistic feel.

All white living room


The white living room creates a clean and tidy look. It is not surprising that the application of design to the residence sells well. The idea of ​​turning a terrace into a living room can also apply this color. Both the floor and the walls can be white with color harmony even on the furniture in it. However, to minimize the impression of monotony, you can play with floor tiles and furniture designs.

Transform the Terrace into a Monochrome Living Room

turn the terrace into a living room

In contrast to the monochrome look, you can change the color of the entire space with this theme. Black and white are the basic colors of all shades in space. The idea of ​​applying a checkered ceramic floor design, for example, can make the living room more attractive and certainly not boring.

Living room type 36

turn the terrace into a living room

Nah, For those of you who have a type 36 house, you do not need to be discouraged. The design of the terrace of the house that has been transformed into a living room can also look attractive with a simple appearance. Here you have to play a lot on the details of decoration in the room. Like choosing the type of carpet, the shelf in front of the table and attractive chairs. See the example above, it’s still fun isn’t it?

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Adapt Aesthetic Design

turn the terrace into a living room

Aesthetic designs that are now favored by many people millenials it is inseparable from the details. Well, the design of the lamp tumblr that is placed to decorate the terrace so that the selection of furniture is something that you can not just choose. Use natural colors such as light brown and beige to keep the sauna room comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Living room terrace with ornamental plants

turn the terrace into a living room
(Instagram/tiny house)

For Pins who are happy with the collection of ornamental plants, you can also put it as a living room decoration. Transforming the terrace into a living room at the front of the house adds joy by adding a collection of ornamental plants. You can put a small shelf in the corner of the room, to organize in a line. Guaranteed the living room will be more beautiful and comfortable.

Shades of blue on the Terrace of the House

turn the terrace into a living room

The basic color applied to the basic idea in the theme also affects the overall appearance. Call the use of shades of blue on the terrace of the house. Both the blue wall painting and the use of blue furniture are things that can make a charming. Perfect for those of you who are happy with the application of the housing with your favorite color.

Minimalist Terrace with Swing Chairs

turn the terrace into a living room

The design of the furniture on the terrace must have the highest level of comfort. This is because this area will often be a place for residents to rest in it. Good when you finish traveling, when you want to leave the house, to welcome the guests who are present. Therefore, put furniture like the swing model above that can be an alternative. Guaranteed to hang out on your terrace, Pins!

Beautiful Feminine Look Terrace

turn the terrace into a living room

The idea of ​​a magical terrace to become a mini living room can also be realized with a feminine look, Pins! Beautiful designs with contemporary decorations will make the terrace more attractive. You can use a sofa with lace details to some beautiful flower decorations as a sweetener. The furniture is also placed in a comfortable position huh!

Core industrial style


Later, you can decorate the terrace in an industrial style, providing shutters and furniture with iron material. Pins can also apply the concept of exposed concrete walls to give the impression of “infinite” which is in line with the industrial theme. You can also use potted plants to give a nice impression.

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Terrace with Synthetic Rattan Sofa


The next terrace design is to use rattan synthetic material furniture. This style is very simple and easy to apply because it goes well with any patio theme. You can use a 3-seater sofa, a table, an ottoman and a rug. The use of synthetic materials will also be easier to clean.

Unique rustic patio

(Asli Indonesia)

For those of you who like natural shades, you can try the rustic terrace concept using natural materials, namely wood and rattan. You can apply this design by using cabinets and chairs to create a small room. You can also decorate with potted plants and wall accessories. This terrace style will make you feel comfortable and want to sit for a long time anyway.

Terrace lounge with fish pond

(Search Properties)

If you have a fish pond in the terrace area, you can create a relaxing and minimalist atmosphere of the terrace living room. Imagine when you are sitting and you can hear the sound of water, soothing isn’t it? There is no need for a design that is too complicated, just use materials that match your home and you can add potted plants for a natural touch.

Multifunctional terrace lounge


Having a terrace in front of the house is really one of the plus points. The concept this time is how the terrace that has been transformed into a living room can also be used for other things. You can add a garden around the terrace. In addition, the terrace can also be used as a place for children to play.

The application of the use of the terrace as a living room is really very suitable to be applied to homes that tend to have limitations in terms of land. Therefore, you have to be smart in the arrangement so that it looks relaxed and does not look tight. Remember Pins, the first appearance of the guests attending is on your small terrace, so the design should not be neglected, right! It can be useful!

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