Tokopedia Supports Local Brands to Grow the Indonesian Fashion Industry

Tokopedia Supports Local Brands to Grow the Indonesian Fashion Industry

JAKARTA, – High public demand for local fashion products prompted Tokopedia to collaborate with various strategic partners, including local fashion brand activists, in the Tokopedia Fashion Week 2022 campaign until December 14, 2022.

Tokopedia Senior Head of Category Development Aldhy Darmayo said that Fashion will be one of the most searched categories by the public through Tokopedia during 2022. Through TFW 2022, Tokopedia hopes to continue supporting business activists in Indonesia, especially local MSMEs. grow more through digital channels.

With the TFW 2022 campaign, people can get the most women’s, Muslim, modest wear and men’s fashion products with attractive offers. flash sale all 12 thousand Rp., balance of money Up to 99% off IDR 200,000.

The campaign also features an exclusive collection with renowned Indonesian illustrator Dinda Puspitasari in collaboration with Amazara, Kami., Clouwny and Nadjani (only available on Tokopedia). There was also the launch of an exclusive product partnership with Disney and a number of business activists with discounts of up to 70% on Tokopedia.

“I am very proud and appreciate Tokopedia for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with local brands, in this case Amazara, Kami., Clouwny and Nandjani,” said Dinda Puspitasari enthusing about the TFW 2022 collaboration in Waspa, Monday (12) /12) .

“I hope that this exclusive collection, made in collaboration with four local fashion business activists, will be well received by the public and inspire local Indonesian fashion business activists to continue to prioritize originality and creativity in their work,” added Dinda.

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As owner of Amazara, Uma Hapsari raised the theme of “Looking Ahead” showing optimism in 2023. Through this valuable opportunity, Amazara has introduced 15 models of special Dinda Puspitasari embroidered platform sandals, available exclusively through Tokopedia.

Tokopedia Supports Local Brands to Grow the Indonesian Fashion Industry
Owner Amazara, Uma Hapsari (ist)

“The cooperation between Dinda Puspitasari and us. produces a modest collection of scarves, parkas, and shirts called “Eloma,” which reflects women’s privilege through floral motifs of mimosa, rose, carnation, and lily. This collection is exclusively available from December 8,” explained our Founder, Istafiana Candarini.

Nita Christina, owner of Clouwny, announced that her party is introducing a “Japanese Colors Fun” theme called “Hana Series,” which combines Japanese and Indonesian designs made from eco-friendly materials. The collection consists of kimono tops and wrap skirts.

Tokopedia Supports Local Brands to Grow the Indonesian Fashion Industry
Designer Nadjani, Putri Namira (ist)

Nadjani presents the Plantasia collection with various floral motifs that reflect the distinctive beauty of Indonesian women. This collection is available with top sellers in the form of tunics, dresses, tops and sweaters,” explained Nadjani owner Nadya Nizar.