Tips for making a Green House Eco-Friendly

Tips for making a Green House Eco-Friendly

A green house is an alternative that can be done in the midst of a very alarming state of environmental problems today. Having a green house concept in your residence can certainly help improve harmony with the natural environment.

This concept is not only planting various types of plants in your home area, but more than that. Applying a green home design to your home will make your life and your family more efficient and much healthier.

To know more fully, what is a green house and how to apply it to your home, let’s look at the following explanation!

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What is a green house?

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According to his understanding, a green house has the meaning of a greenhouse that contains all kinds of plants that are grown in it, but currently a green house is a residential concept that is designed to minimize the negative impacts that affect nature.

Joseph Allen, a public health researcher from Harvard University, explained that the construction of green houses involves construction components that aim to reduce pollution, maintain temperature, maximize natural lighting in the house, and improve air and water quality.

So that in general a green house is a healthy building that has many benefits for its residents. There are several mandatory components that must be considered in the construction of this green house, such as:

  • It has many maximum openings in the residence for the circulation of light and air
  • The building materials are taken from natural materials that are environmentally friendly
  • Have good water absorption in the house to prevent flooding in the rainy season
  • Have enough space to plant ornamental plants in the garden or in the house
  • Using ecological energy such as the use of solar panels in housing
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By implementing a green house in your residence, you can help create an environmentally friendly home atmosphere and be able to maintain health for its residents.

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Benefits of implementing a Green House

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The application of the concept of a winter house in your residence can help reduce environmental waste and can create a more health-friendly environment. But not only this, the application of this concept also brings other benefits such as the following:

1. Reduce Stress

Usually, the residences that carry the concept of a green house have a small garden in the yard or in the house. According to research, planting plants in your home can reduce stress and feelings of worry that make you feel restless.

The presence of plants in your home is also able to provide a calmer and more beautiful atmosphere to be able to calm the mind and make the occupants feel more relaxed.

2. Maintains moisture and improves focus

The increase in carbon dioxide can cause high humidity in the air which can hinder concentration and make you feel tired quickly. A study proves that the concept of a green house can maintain humidity and temperature in the home area, this situation can help increase your fire up to 5%.

This maintained air humidity is influenced by sufficient openings in the housing. With enough openings, it can help natural lighting and can make air circulation even better.

Natural lighting can make a person more focused and improve thinking power, in addition to what can make people feel calmer and happier.

3. Improve Air Quality

The air in your home can be mixed with chemicals and harmful substances produced by existing paint or furniture. Especially if a house does not have enough air openings or ventilation. Air circulation that is not good in the house can cause various diseases.

The concept of a green house that has enough ventilation openings can help improve good air quality in your home. This is because the sufficient opening can support the change of air in the house to run properly. Thus the quality of the air produced can improve the health of the occupants of the house. In addition, the natural lighting that enters through these openings can prevent the room from becoming humid and dangerous so that the residents of the house can avoid respiratory diseases such as lung diseases.

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4. Increase productivity

Natural lighting that enters through the openings of the house can make the residents of the house feel better and happier, so that the residents of the house feel more optimistic and enthusiastic. The situation created for natural lighting can also create a more favorable atmosphere for activities, because without realizing this atmosphere can increase the productivity of the residents of the house.

5. Leave nature to future grandchildren

Applying the concept of a winter house is equivalent to participating in maintaining and maintaining the balance of nature. The benefits that have been mentioned above are short term benefits that you can feel. But there are long-term benefits in implementing this green house. The intended long-term benefit is the preservation of nature that will be felt by our children and grandchildren in the future.

Application of Green Houses in Residential

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After knowing the meaning and benefits of the green house concept, now let’s see how to apply this concept to your home.

Many say that the implementation of the concept of the winter house requires a high cost, but in fact it is not. Using this concept in the construction of your house, it turns out to be quite affordable, you know. In a study he said that the construction of a house with a natural concept like this, does not require excessive development costs. So what are the tips to build a house with this natural concept?

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Use of Ecological Building Materials

The use of environmentally friendly building materials is the main point in the development green house. You can use materials such as earth, bamboo, wood, or straw and other environmentally friendly materials.

Ecological building materials can have a good impact on health because they can reduce the use of chemicals. Long-term use of chemicals can cause cancer cells to grow. With materials that are more environmentally friendly, this can be minimized.

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Create a room with enough openness

One of the things that must be considered in the construction of a house with this concept is the circulation of air in the house. Making the opening in each room must be considered, this of course has an effect so that the circulation of air and natural lighting can be maximized.

A large opening in the construction of a house has many benefits. In addition to improving air quality, maximum natural light can also minimize the use of electricity. Thus, in its use, it becomes more efficient and more efficient of energy.

Planting ornamental plants

As the name implies, the green houses, the plants become one of the important elements in the application of this concept. You can take advantage of the existing land in your residence to create a small garden in the home page. Start growing plants that are easy to care for. In addition, the presence of a small garden in the yard can help improve the quality of oxygen in the home area.

If the area of ​​the yard in your house is limited, you can try to get rid of it with a vertical garden or you can also plant special plants that can be placed in the areas of the house. Plants placed in the interior of the house can absorb toxic substances and dust that are in the air conditioner or attached to the furniture of the house. In this way, the quality of the air in the house will be better.

Using environmentally friendly energy

Greenhouses also use energy from nature to minimize environmental pollution. For example, the use of solar panels. The use of solar panels can save the use of electricity every day. In addition, the greenhouse concept also pays attention to water drainage and waste management.

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