Tips for installing wallpaper for wet walls at home

Tips for installing wallpaper for wet walls at home

Tricks to install wallpaper for damp walls

Damp walls often make walls unsuitable for installation wallpaper. There is no need to be confused, let’s see the trick to install it wallpaper for the following wet walls!

Wallpaper it is an element that can make the interior look more aesthetic.

However, residential areas in the tropics often face the problem of damp and moldy walls.

Of course, this problem raises concerns when the owners want to install it wallpaper.

So, what? wallpaper can it be mounted on damp walls?

Basically, the installation wallpaper it must meet several criteria and cannot just paste.

Usually, the requirement of a wall that can be covered wallpaper is the wall of the house in a dry and healthy condition.

In addition, it is not in a wet condition, the surface is flat, and free of cracks.

Well, there are a number of tricks to install it wallpaper for wet walls that should be known.

Launching from various sources, here is the explanation.

Installing cheats Wallpaper for damp walls

1. Find the source of the problem

causes of damp walls in the house


The first step to do before installing wallpaper in wet walls is to find the source of the problem and its cause.

This problem can occur due to the lack of ventilation in the room.

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The presence of a leak in a part of the house and seeps into the wall can also be the cause of damp walls.

So, check your home’s roof and water channels around damp walls.

2. Repairing Moist Walls

If the inspection found a leaky roof, make repairs in that part immediately.

After that, he continues to repair the wet walls, repainting them with wall paint waterproof.

It should be noted, first clean the surface of the wall from dust and mildew, before starting to paint the wall covering with paint. waterproof.

This is done, so that when you install the wallpaper for wet walls, it can stay to the maximum.

3. Install additional partitions

install additional partitions

(Source: Tokopedia)

The next solution for wet walls is to add additional partitions to the walls.

Before installing wallpaper walls, Property People can line the space with partitions that usually use gypsum or plywood.

Because, these two materials can be a coating on wet walls.

4. Install Waterproof Wallpaper

After the walls of the house have been confirmed to be free from water infiltration, then proceed with the installation wallpaper anti air

Now, there are many brands on the market wallpaper water resistant that you can choose according to your taste and needs.

For your information, wallpaper This type is usually made of vinyl ata glass fiber.

5. Perform routine maintenance

vinyl and fiberglass wallpaper for damp walls

(Source: Tokopedia)

Trick to apply wallpaper for the last wet wall is to do routine maintenance.

Maintenance is done by cleaning dust and dirt once a month with a feather.

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Property People can also clean the dust that sticks to the wallpaper with vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of the installation Wallpaper Fiber glass and Vinyl

As mentioned above, the wallpaper for wet walls are usually made of materials glass fiber and vinyl.

Here are the advantages of both types of materials:

  • Surface wallpaper tnot easily defiled;
  • Resistant to exposure to water;
  • It is not easy to change;
  • Material wallpaper not easy to tear;
  • Can be cleaned with cleaning fluid.

Well, this is the trick to install it wallpaper for damp walls and excess wall covering material.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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