Tips for buying a first home carefully

Tips for buying a first home carefully

tips for buying your first home

Buying your first home is one of life’s biggest commitments. Many argue that the process is quite intimidating. However, if the planning is mature and strategic, all processes can run smoothly. While you are preparing, also learn the tips, yuk!

There are many things to consider before buying your dream home, especially if it’s your first time. Call funds, how to buy a house, residential design, location, to furniture to fill.

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If you think and do everything at once, it will definitely be complicated. So, do it slowly and gradually, OK? Take a look at the following tips from Ruparupa and Rumah123.

Steps and tips for buying a first home carefully

1. Looking for a dream home that fits your needs

presence platform sale and purchase of property such as and social media, make it easier for people who want to buy a house.

You can get a variety of housing options according to the desired criteria from the location, the price range, the design of the house, the status of the land, even to the number of rooms.

Keep in mind, in this process, do not prioritize only the desires over the needs budget limited. You should include the price of the house as a determining factor. The more complete the criteria and facilities, of course the price will be more expensive.

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At this stage, you really have to prioritize rationalization and be wise in choosing. Don’t choose a home that is beyond your means. If you force yourself, it could be a defect so that the house will be confiscated by the bank.

2. Determining How to Pay

After obtaining several suitable accommodation candidates budget and needs, you need to determine the payment method. There are several payment options that are commonly chosen in the purchase and sale of houses, namely cash, cash in stages, and credit.

The method of credit payment with mortgage is said to be the most chosen as a financing option to buy a first home, you know.

The reason is that mortgage providers usually provide a long enough payment period so that the payment process can be easier.

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To know the mortgage that best suits your needs, you can do a financing simulation using the interest rates from the banks. Different banks, different interest rates and processes offered.

Try to make a finished simulation search for mortgages at from various banks, both conventional and sharia. On that page, you can get the best bank that provides a mortgage period according to your needs. Presentation is easy and quick.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of savings to buy a number of house prices, a method of gradual payment in cash or cash can be an option.

The reason is that if you buy a house in cash, the price of the house paid does not increase because of the interest payment.

3. Study and Determine the ability to pay

If buying your first home with a mortgage is an option, make sure that you already have a framework in the preparation of several places of funds.

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The costs that must be prepared in advance include a payment for the house (up to 20 percent of the price of the house), administrative costs of the mortgage, notary fees and purchase taxes.

The rest, you need to know your ability to repay well within the interest payment period fixed and after the entry of time floating Interest payments fixed it will be smaller than time floating Make sure your nominal payments are not more than 40 percent of your salary, OK!

4. Make a budget for other needs

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After knowing the ability to pay, they also prepare a budget for other housing needs, OK? No perhaps dong Live in the first empty house without furniture?

If you do not have enough funds, it is better to prioritize the items that will be used every day. Examples include refrigerators, mattresses, cooking stoves, eating and drinking utensils.

I hope these tips for buying your first home can be useful and you can practice it yourself!

Be sure to find your dream home at, OK? All you have to do is open the website or download the application which is available on Google Play Store and App Store.