Tips for building a carport in your home

Tips for building a carport in your home

Carport it is an important element for a house. Carport serves as a place to park your private vehicle at home. Of course, in Jakarta itself, having a private vehicle is always a must. Access to public transport that is still quite difficult to reach on foot means that many people still choose to have a private vehicle, whether it is a motorbike or a car.

For those of you who want to have a private vehicle, of course, you have to prepare a place to park your vehicle at home. It is the function carport in your home as a vehicle parking lot. A house that does not have a place to park a private vehicle means that the owners of the vehicles have to park it in front of the house.

Parking your car or motorcycle in front of the house certainly poses the risk that your vehicle will be scratched or disturb other road users. In fact, your personal vehicle is at risk of being stolen. Renting a monthly parking space is not recommended because there are additional costs to be incurred. Therefore, having a parking space in your home is also a must.

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The housing that is currently on the market already provides carport for your personal vehicle. The designs can also be different, ranging from minimalist to floor designs that use natural stone or natural stone grassblock. As with the house, you can also design your own parking lot.

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For those of you who do not have a place to park your vehicle and want to build your own, or who want to redesign, this article will discuss construction tips. carport in your home and some design ideas that can be your reference.

Construction tips Carport in your house

Carport and the garage are actually two different things. However, sometimes these two terms are combined and many people refer to them carport such as garage and vice versa. The garage is actually in the form of a closed room, where its function is not only a place to park private vehicles, but also as a place to store goods. While that carport it is a special place to park your vehicle. Carport it also has the concept of open space

Making a parking space at home is certainly not arbitrary. Many things must be prepared in advance before starting to build. Like building a house, building a parking lot also requires preparation. From the beginning to measure the area of ​​the building, what kind of design you want, to the floor material you need to think first.

The house he already has carport to park the car, of course, there is no need to build again, unless you really want to add a car so that the garage must also be expanded. For those of you who want to build your own, see the tips below on how to build a private parking container in your home.

1. Calculate the Land Area of ​​your House and Place Carport

Land area
Source: Unsplash
The area of ​​the land must be calculated before building carport

The first thing to consider is the total floor area of ​​your home. Of course, the construction of your garage depends on how big your residential area is. The land area must be sufficient so that a garage or garage can be built carport which can accommodate your personal vehicle. Carport what you build should at least be able and suitable to accommodate 1 of your personal car.

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You also have to think about its location because the location factor affects your comfort factor when you get out and enter the vehicle. The place where you build should also ensure that it does not interfere with the public roads around your house.

2. Choose Floor Design and Material Carport

floor of floor
Source: Unsplash
There are different types of materials used for flooring carport

However carport it is a place only to park your personal vehicle, but this does not mean that it can be built simply. You can also choose the type of design you want. Starting from carport minimalist to a design full of ornaments. You can choose the material for the floor, starting from natural stone, grassblock, and so on. Also be sure to plan the design and materials you want.

3. Choose a Roof Design and Material Carport

The use of the roof is not necessary, but it would be even better if the vehicle that was parked was protected from the rain and the sun. The roof is very useful as a protection for your vehicle. Therefore, installing a roof is highly recommended for you.

The ceiling is usually a canopy made from a variety of materials that you can choose from. You can choose to install it canopy from wood, glass, to vine.

The tips above, you can follow if you want to build your own in your home. For those of you who have a private vehicle, of course, you must have a place to park it in your home. Do not park anywhere that may disturb other people and risk your vehicle being damaged or lost.

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