Tips and How to Transfer Paypal to DANA

Tips and How to Transfer Paypal to DANA – When you receive bonus money from Paypal, of course you intend to withdraw it, right?

This is very reasonable because sometimes by cashing out to another account, you can use the money for shopping. This time we will discuss how to transfer Paypal to DANA which is easy and fast.

According to the terms, Paypal actually only allows transfers of at least $10 to digital wallets and accounts. But if you want to make a transfer below, it can still be done. Here are the tips we quote from Tedieka and ways you can try.

How to transfer Paypal to FONDS

The secure way to transfer Paypal to DANA is very easy. Please follow the steps below.

1. Search for a DANA Account

The first is to find the DANA account number first. As this digital wallet system needs to be customized to the bank type for transfers or other parties, first find the DANA number. Do this to find the number.

⦁ Open the DANA digital wallet app on your phone. And click on the “Top up balance” menu
⦁ Scroll down and find the bank name and then select “Copy Code”.

This code is the destination number for the DANA account, which will later be the transfer destination.

2. Connect to Paypal

You must link your Paypal account to DANA for a successful and easy transfer process. The steps are:

⦁ Please enter the Paypal application.
⦁ Click on the “Data transfer” menu located under the Paypal balance menu.
⦁ Then merge the two apps by selecting the transfer destination.
⦁ Paste the DANA code you copied earlier.

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This way your Paypal and DANA accounts are connected.

3. Convert currency

Since there is nominal money to be entered, you will need to do the currency conversions. Plus, balance in dollars on Paypal. Specify the Paypal balance in the currency you will transfer to the DANA digital wallet. Here are the steps:

⦁ Select Rupiah as transfer destination as we use Rupiah. The next step is to enter the nominal amount of money. If so, please click the “Transfer” button.
⦁ Please allow approximately 2-4 business days. As a transfer fee of around IDR 16,000 will be charged, don’t be surprised if the shipping balance is reduced.
⦁ Since currency conversions are always different in dollar and rupee rates, every time you transfer you will find a different denomination for each activity.

So here are the tips you can learn and how to transfer Paypal to DANA. If you want to do this activity in the near future, please use the transfer guide above to be safe and successful.