Thousands of MS Glow Flowers are coloring for Valentine’s Day

Thousands of MS Glow Flowers are coloring for Valentine’s Day

on time, – Collaboration with MS Glow for Men and MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic to distribute thousands of flowers in 8 cities in Indonesia, including MS Glow, Malang, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Sidoarjo, Bekasi, which participate in the celebration of Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 every year did , Depok as well as Medan.

This entertainment lasted for 2 days, between February 11 and 12, 2023.
In addition to the MS Glow Cupid Rangers being held at the clinic, selected figures representing MS Glow in each city also visited several resorts.

On this occasion, the clinic distributed not only red roses, but also free products and treatment coupons.

MS Glow Cupid Rangers distributed flowers, products and special vouchers to clinic visitors and many other people at several recreation points in each city. This moment is also an opportunity for those who rarely get the opportunity to show love to express their feelings.

Love Messages That Make Mewek

Cupid Ranger distributed a total of hundreds of roses and invited people to write and express their love messages at Kalan Kapitan Patimura, Darat, Medan Baru, Medan City as well as MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic Medan at various points. In Medan City, such as Car Free Day Merdeka Walking Area, Monkey Palace Area, Pos Block Area, Medan City Zero Point and Banteng Area Area.

Various love messages are written. There are those who express their feelings for their partners, there are those who write for children or parents.

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Who Do You Want To Love?

Not only young people, but also ladies and gentlemen seemed eager to chat with the Cupid Rangers. Many of them turned out to be users. Everyone was asked the same question, who would you like to give the flowers to, the product they received from the product they received.

“For your loved ones,” said a resident named Nanda.

Thousands of flowers, thousands of love

By handing out thousands of flowers in 8 cities in Indonesia, he hopes to reach many people who dare to express their feelings. If all this time they have been shy about admitting their feelings or expressing their love in words, this Valentine’s Day is hopefully the right moment to do so.

“Why scatter thousands of roses and crops this Valentine’s Day? Because actually we want to implement 5 Love Languages ​​at the same time. From gifting with flowers and products, we want them to spend quality time with their loved ones using MS Glow products. In addition, we encourage them for Words of Affirmation by posting messages on Love Message Boards in our 8 clinics. But most of all, the important message is that we want everyone to be more grateful for the people who mean a lot in their lives,” explained Risda Citra Yogyanita – Head of MS Glow.(wol/eco/rls/d2)