This is the type of spring bed mattress, which one do you like?

This is the type of spring bed mattress, which one do you like?

To take a comfortable and quality rest, of course, we need to choose type of mattress right. In addition, currently there are many types of mattresses that you can find on the market, including foam mattresses, memory foammilk and spring bed.

Of the many types of mattresses, one that is quite often used by Indonesia is spring bed. Why, kind of mattress spring bed This has several advantages, including:

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  1. Long duration
  2. Soft and comfortable to use
  3. It can keep the shape of the spine

Spring bed itself is a type of mattress that combines a spring with a layer of other materials, such as foam, memory foam, latex, etc.

From a spring point of view, spring bed divided into two types, namely mattresses Bonell spring and pocket spring.

So, what is it? Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring?

Well, for those of you who don’t know what that is Bonell spring and pocket springsee the following review.

spring bed type

1. Bonnell Spring

Bonnell spring is a traditional mattress spring made of spiral wire and connected to each other. So, mattress Bonell spring quite sensitive to shocks.

For example, if someone on one side of the bed moves, then the person on the other side will also feel the movement.

fit, Bonell spring similar to an hourglass with a large top and bottom, but smaller in the middle.

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In general, mattress Bonell spring it feels a bit hard and solid. So, for those of you who like this type of mattress, mattress Bonell spring it would be the right choice. Also, the bed Bonell spring This has an economical price and is durable, you know.

Well, here are the mattress tips Bonell spring quality offers from Informa Sleep.

kasur spring bed neo nature sleep
Informa Sleep 160x200x27 Cm Neo Nature Sleep
A mattress with a layer of soft foam that is antibacterial and cool on the skin.

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kasur spring bed eco coconut fiber
Informa Sleep 160x200x20 Cm Kasur Eco Coco Fiber
The mattress is ecological and anti-bacterial, so it is good for health.

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2. Pocket Spring

Different from Bonell Spring, pocket spring they are mattress springs that are not interconnected. Each spring is wrapped in a strong cloth bag and works individually.

No wonder, mattress pocket spring can provide maximum comfort because it is able to follow different pressure points of the body

On the other hand, the mattress pocket spring also able to absorb shocks well. If the person on one side of the bed moves, you don’t feel the vibration.

To support the body more optimally, there are two types of mattresses pocket spring which you can use, namely:

1. Spring pocket 5 area

Mattresses pocket spring The 5 zones have 5 spring zones with different levels of tenderness to support every part of the body, starting from the head, shoulders, waist, knee area, down to the feet.

Usually, the areas to support the heaviest parts of the body will be softer than other areas.

2. Spring pocket 7 area

Such as pocket spring 5 area, pocket spring 7 area it has a spring area with different levels of softness, which covers the head, shoulders, waist, hips, knees, legs, and feet so that it can support the body more maximally.

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We also have a number of mattress recommendations pocket spring which you can choose, as follows.

kasur spring bed aloe ortho
Informa Sleep 200×200 Cm Aloe Ortho Kasur Roll Packed
This mattress is able to maintain the health of the anatomy of the body and prevent pain.

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kasur spring bed cuscotex
Informa Sleep 160×200 Cm Cuscotex Mattress in Roll with Pillows and Bottom
Mattresses with good air circulation to prevent bacterial growth.

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kasur spring bed neo shell core
Informa Sleep 120x200x31 Cm Neo Shell Core Kasur
This mattress has a cooling gel coating and natural bamboo charcoal to keep bacteria at bay.

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Mattress with anti-bacterial fabric
Informa Sleep 120x200x23 Cm Antibacterial Mattress – White
Antibacterial mattress that is stable and soft when used.

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Well, this is the type of mattress spring bed which you can choose. To get many types of spring bed mattresses with the best quality, you can visit Informa Sleep through

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