This is the preparation before and after the Sport

This is the preparation before and after the Sport

sports preparation

Exercise is the easiest way to keep the body healthy. In addition, we can also do sports anytime and anywhere. Besides, there are already many practical exercise equipment that we can use at home.

Even so, sports cannot be done casually. you know. To prevent In case of injury, there are many things that we should do before and after sports. Thus, we can achieve more optimal exercise results.

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So, what kind of preparation before the exercise should be done?

Well, this time we have a list of mandatory preparations before doing sports like the following.

1. Get Enough Rest as a Sports preparation

Without adequate rest, the body will be more easily tired and hungry. This of course makes the sports activity less effective. so more Go to sleep right awaytry to reduce caffeine consumption and avoid gambling gadgets just before bed.

2. Fill Body Fluids

When you exercise, your body loses a lot of fluids through sweat. In fact, fluids play an important role in the body’s metabolic processes. Therefore, you should drink water 2-3 glasses an hour before exercise to keep the body hydrated.

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drinking water for exercise
Meet the body’s fluid needs before exercise to stay hydrated.

3. Make sure your body has energy

A body condition of hunger can cause dizziness, nausea and lethargy. To be more energized, you can fill your stomach with low-calorie snacks 1-2 hours before exercise.

4. Use the appropriate equipment for the sport

Physical activity makes us sweat a lot. So, make sure you wear sportswear with sweat-absorbing materials.

It is better to use soft and thick sports shoes to avoid injuries. So, you can run and jump freely.

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5. Do a Warm Up

By warming up, you can avoid minor and major injuries. In addition, the muscles and joints of the body will be better prepared to perform different sports movements. So, warm up for 10 minutes before starting to exercise.

So what are the things to do after exercise?

Preparation before exercise is important. However, there are several things you should do after exercise so that the results of the exercise become more optimal. What are they?

1. Do Stretches

After exercise, the body needs time to cool down to recover. Well, by stretching, you can reduce the tension in the joints and prevent the muscles from getting injured when they contract.

2. Use Foam roller

If you want to recover faster, you can use it foam roller. This foam roller serves to massage stiff muscles and reduce soreness after exercise. We also have tips foam roller quality, as follows.

foam roller
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3. Eat Nutritious Food

After intense exercise, the body needs nutrients to restore lost energy. If not, the body feels hungry and weak all day.

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In addition, you need carbohydrates and protein to accelerate the process of glycogen formation in the muscles.

4. Cold shower

In addition to making the body cooler, cold showers are also useful for soothing tense muscles, you know. Not only that, cold water can prevent joint inflammation and reduce pain after exercise.

5. Sports Activity Log

To be more effective, record all the sports activities you do every day. By doing this, you can know whether the exercise you are doing has yielded positive results or not.


Now you know what to do before and after exercise.

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