This is the KPR Take Over System, You Know?

This is the KPR Take Over System, You Know?

Have you ever heard of a mortgage before? In short, taking KPR is taking ownership and paying the mortgage payments for a house that is still running from one side to the other.

This activity is a legal procedure because it is controlled by the bank based on applicable laws and regulations. Usually, the taking of the mortgage is done when someone cannot complete the credit, wants to obtain a lighter interest, or is in an urgent situation and needs a lot of funds.

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3 Types of KPR Take Over Systems

Before taking a mortgage, it is good to know the types. Here are the types:

1. Take the KPR between Banks

The first type is interbank. This type of recovery is done to transfer loans from one bank to another. Usually this type of one is done by someone because they want to get lower interest than the previous bank. However, this type can usually be done if you have paid installments for at least one year.

2. Consider buying and selling KPR

The second type is buying and selling. Unlike the previous type, this type is when someone buys or takes over the mortgage payments that have not been completed. Usually someone sells their mortgage house because they can no longer afford to pay the installments.

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The process is actually a bit more complicated because it involves three parties, namely the applicant (home buyer), the home seller and the bank. But basically, taking over the purchase and sale is not very different from applying for a regular mortgage, you must meet all the requirements provided by the bank, such as complete identity and income statement.

3. Underhand KPR Take Over

The third type is submissive. As the name implies, this type of one is carried out unofficially without the involvement of the bank. Usually the transfer of credit is done only in front of a notary.

Therefore, this type is considered very risky and not recommended. Why is it risky? Because home sellers can transfer credit to multiple people without your knowledge and sellers can take ownership certificates without the buyers knowledge when the home is paid off.

To carry out this KPR recovery process, of course, you will incur some costs such as penalties, administration and supply fees, appraisal fees (home appraisal), notary fees, insurance fees, and tax fees .

Meanwhile, there are several conditions that you must also prepare to apply for a recovery credit, namely identity information from both the seller and the buyer (KTP, KK, last salary, and NPWP); savings book from the mortgage bank; photocopy of payment history; photocopy of the tax on land and buildings (PBB); photocopy of the building permit (IMB); photocopy of the house certificate legalized by the bank; and a photocopy of the credit agreement.

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