This is the Etiquette of Eating at an Official Banquet

This is the Etiquette of Eating at an Official Banquet

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Procedure for eating or known by the term table way is the etiquette that is carried out when eating in official events. In addition to dinner table etiquette at a formal banquet, table way still approaching cutlery used

Of course, formal eating habits vary from country to country. However, there are some basic things in eating etiquette that everyone should know when attending a formal banquet.

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So, what about ethics at the dinner table?

For some people, good manners while at the table show their intellect. Eating etiquette cannot be formed suddenly and requires a long learning process to make it look more natural.

Actually, table etiquette is pretty simple, you know. Some things that can be learned are how to sit straight and not leaning on the back of a chair, without putting your elbows on the dining table, and with a napkin in your lap.

What is Eating Etiquette?

The rules for eating in some countries have a small difference. But basically, the etiquette when eating an official banquet, as follows.

  1. Wait until the Host asks for food.
  2. He eats without saying a word.
  3. Chew food with your mouth closed.
  4. Cover your mouth with a towel when you cough or sneeze.
  5. Don’t play with cutlery.
  6. Avoid blowing on hot soup or food. Instead, stir the soup briefly until the hot steam dissipates.
  7. Ask the Host for permission when leaving the dining table.
  8. Don’t take calls or fix makeup while at the table.
  9. Avoid taking or asking for food from other people’s plates.
  10. Finish the food in your mouth before drinking.
  11. Try not to add spices, such as salt or pepper to the food, because they are considered disrespectful to the chef or the cooks.
  12. You can leave some food if you don’t want to or can’t finish it.
  13. Be sure to say “please” and “thank you” whenever you ask for help.
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How is Cutlery Arranged at a Formal Banquet?

You know it turns out that different types of tableware also have their own functions, you know.

In table modeThere are many cutlery that are commonly used, namely dinner plates, soup plates, cake plates, spoons, soup ladles, forks. desserts, teaspoons, drinking water glasses, wine glasses, and coffee or tea cups.

It is not only the type that you need to know, but how to set the dining table and the utensils also have rules.

The following are the rules for laying the second knives table mode that you can follow.

dining etiquette set the table way

Arrangement of cutlery after finishing

After eating, table mode it’s still going on, you know. It is also necessary to pay attention to the position of cutlery, especially on plates, spoons and forks.

If you want to stop for a moment, you can place the knife randomly on the plate. So, if you want to go to the next menu, put the spoon and fork crossed.

When you have finished eating, place the spoon and fork perpendicularly on the plate, OK? Here is a picture of the place after we finished eating.

dining etiquette set the table way

Are you ready to eat at a formal banquet? Or do you want to invite the closest person to attend the official banquet you have made?

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Go, create a pleasant dining atmosphere while attending an important banquet.