This is the difference between gym and fitness in general

This is the difference between gym and fitness in general

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Perhaps, many are not aware of the difference gym and fitness because these two terms refer to the same activity. However, if we look more closely, gym and fitness they are similar, but not the same.

Therefore, in order not to think badly, here we will discuss the differences between the two. Go ahead, take a look at this article.

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Definition Gym

Before discussing more about the differences gym and fitnesswe need to know the meaning of each term.

Gym itself is an acronym for gymnasium. Literally, gym we can interpret it as a place or a place to carry out exercise and sports activities, such as gymnastics, athletics and cardio services.

However, he said gym has undergone a “change in meaning” so that it is more synonymous with a fitness center. When you enter the place gym, you will be treated to a variety of sports equipment which can be used to support the training program.

The most complete sports equipment in a gym, then you can more freely practice different types of sports. Usually, the place gym even have a coach or trainer for their customers.

difference between gym and fitness
Usually, the gym will be full of weights of different sizes

Definition Fitness

While that fitness it is a lifestyle or lifestyle balanced to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body fitness. However, fitness here is more diverse because there are 3 main factors, namely exercise (exercise), nutritional intake (food), and also the rest.

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By combining these three factors, we are expected to obtain an ideal, healthy and fit body.

difference between gym and fitness
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Difference Gym And Fitness What you need to know

It has every meaning gym and fitness what we need to know. So what are the differences between the two? To illustrate, here are some of the differences.

1. In terms of training

As for the change in meaning, gym already synonymous with a fitness center to train the muscles of the body to be ideal. Therefore, gym tend to refer to activities with the type of exercise in the form of lifting weights to build the muscle mass of the body.

While that fitness He himself is not only focused on lifting weights. However, you also do other sports, such as push up, to sit, and play soccer. The goal is to get in shape.

difference between gym and fitness
Gymnastic activity is more closely related to the formation of muscle mass

2. In terms of Training Locations

In place gymyou will find many types of complete sports equipment, ranging from dumbbellsbarbell, up to body crunch. While that fitness basically you can do it anywhere.

In fact, when you do push up o to sit even in the bedroom or on the terrace of the house, it can be said that he was doing exercises fitness.

However, there is also a special place called fitness center that you can visit. In general, fitness center it has more complete facilities because it not only provides tools, but there is a swimming pool somewhere joggingshe

difference between gym and fitness
Fitness can be done from home, such as with a treadmill or run to an outdoor area

That’s the difference between gym and fitness what you need to know. Although the difference is not too significant, but both still have the same goal, that is to achieve physical fitness and health.

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In addition to doing physical activities in the place gym and fitness centeryou can also do it from home.

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difference between gym and fitness
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