This is the difference between charcoal and gas barbecues

This is the difference between charcoal and gas barbecues

gas grill
The right grilling equipment can make the meat taste delicious

Barbecue tool often used to make grilled dishes, such as toasted corn, grilled meat and vegetables. Usually, this grill is often used to welcome the new year.

In addition to watching the fireworks, we will gather with our families while eating the meat. Yes! Not without reason, the BBQ tradition has been carried out for a long time to animate the New Year event.

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There are many types of grills that you can use for BBQ in the New Year, such as charcoal and gas grills. So that you don’t get confused, check out the following differences between charcoal vs gas grills.

charcoal barbecue tools
Charcoal grills produce smoke which is quite disturbing

What is a charcoal barbecue?

A charcoal barbecue is a grill that uses lumps or briquettes of charcoal as a heating source to cook food. The charcoal for cooking is located under the grill and lit with a match.

charcoal grill
The coal at the bottom serves to conduct the heat

For a long time, the charcoal grill method is very popular for BBQ because it has a more delicious taste. In addition to this, this type of grill is also suitable for those of you who like it camping or climb the mountain because it is easy to carry.

Here are tips for grills that use charcoal.

charcoal vs gas grill
Weber 18 Inch Charcoal BBQ Kettle

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charcoal vs gas grill
Charcoal barbecue Celcio&co 36 cm

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charcoal vs gas grill
Celcio & Co Charcoal grill 36 cm – Black

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charcoal vs gas grill
Square grill for charcoal barbecue Celcio & Co

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What is a Gas Grill?

As the name implies, a gas grill is a type of grill that uses gas to cook food. Gas BBQ grills have two or more burners with separate temperature controls.

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Thus, you can cook different types of meat, fish or vegetables on two grills at the same time.

Here is a recommendation for a gas BBQ grill that you can use.

barbecue grill
Weber Gas Grill Q2200 – Black

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barbecue grill
Celcio & Co. 2-burner gas grill

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charcoal vs gas grill
Electric Gas Grill Krischef 6 Furnaces

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charcoal vs gas grill
Weber Gas Grill Genesis 2 S455

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So, what is the difference between charcoal and gas grills?

Relax, we’ve summarized some of these differences so you don’t buy the wrong one.

Component Charcoal grill Gas grill
Listen Suitable for food with a slow cooking process Perfect for foods that need to be cooked quickly
asap Lots of smoke production It does not produce too much smoke
Heat level 600 degrees Celsius 300 degrees Celsius
Warm-up time 30 minutes 5-10 minutes
How to clean Remove the ash Empty the oil container

1. Temperature

In terms of temperature, gas grills can reach 315 degrees Celsius. It is different with a charcoal grill which can be twice as hot or about 648 degrees Celsius.

This temperature difference is very important because it can determine how long we cook the food. The higher the temperature, the faster the food you cook can cook.

the difference between charcoal and gas grills
From the temperature, these two types of grills have different levels of heat

2. Food yield

Both types of grills can produce delicious food. However, if you grill meat with a charcoal grill, the resulting food will be browner and prone to burning.

You see, charcoal grills use a convection heating system or directly from the fire itself.

Meanwhile, meat cooked with a gas BBQ grill has a more concentrated flavor and texture. This is because gas grills use a conduction heat transfer system so they can control the heat better.

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However, the aroma produced by a charcoal grill will be stronger than gas.

round charcoal grill
As for the aroma, charcoal grills are able to produce a more appetizing aroma

3. Warm Up Time

The next difference from charcoal and gas grills also lies in the heating time. If we use a charcoal grill, we need to wait 15-20 minutes before grilling the meat.

Meanwhile, gas grills, the heating time is about 10 minutes faster because we only need to press a button and adjust the heat level.

charcoal grill
Charcoal grills should take at least 20 minutes to heat to perfection

From the explanation above, about what kind of grill do you want to choose for a family barbecue?

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