This is the difference between an induction stove and an electric stove

This is the difference between an induction stove and an electric stove

difference between induction cooker and electric stove

Many people are starting to switch to using induction cookers and electric stoves. In addition to their modern appearance, these two stoves are considered safer gas stove not to use fire.

However, there are still many people who think that induction and electric stoves are the same type of stove. Although the appearance and characteristics of both seem the same, it turns out that these two types of stoves have different ways of working, you know.

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Electric and induction stoves have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, what is the difference between an induction stove and an electric stove?

Well, this time we have summarized the main differences between the two stoves from different sources, as follows.

1. Electric stove

Differences in the operation of electric stove
Electric heaters work by passing an electric current through a metal coil.

Launch from ForbesAn electric stove is a stove that works by passing an electric current through a metal coil under the glass or ceramic surface.

This electric current will send the heat used for cooking through the glass surface with infrared energy.

When turned off, the surface of the electric stove still feels hot. So you have to wait a while before the stove cools down again.

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Here are the advantages and disadvantages of electric stove.

Advantages of electric stove:
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Easy to control the temperature during cooking.
  • Capable of achieving higher cooking temperatures than induction hobs.
Disadvantages of electric stove:
  • Residual heat on the stove is not safe for children.
  • It takes longer to cook because you have to wait for the stove to heat up.

To use an electric stove, you can not choose kitchen utensils without care. Kitchen utensils used for electric stove are usually made of stainless steelceramic, iron, and aluminium.

Well, we have a recommendation kitchen utensils which you can use for an electric stove.

pan for electric stove
Krischef Pan 24 Cm – Chocolate
Pan with marble coating and non-stick surface.

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electric stove wok pan
Krischef 26 cm marble pan
Non-stick pan that is able to spread heat quickly and evenly.

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electric stove grill
Krischef Pan 28×28 Cm
Grill pan with quality aluminum material and ergonomic handle.

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electric stove
Casserole Krischef 18 Cm With Glass Lid
The pan with a non-stick surface makes cleaning easier.

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2. Induction Cooker

How an induction cooker works
Induction cooktops heat cookware using electromagnetic radiation.

In general, induction cookers use up to 90% of the electrical energy for cooking. This is what makes the induction cooker able to generate heat faster without any wasted energy.

Unlike electric stoves that use metal coils, induction cookers use electromagnetic radiation to directly heat cooking utensils.

This is what causes the induction cooker to cool down instantly when it is turned off, as reported by Door SF.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of an induction cooker.

Advantages of the induction cooker:
  • The cooking time is faster because there is no need to wait for the heating process.
  • The stove cools down again as soon as it is turned off.
  • Can be cleaned immediately after cooking.
  • Energy saving.
Disadvantages of induction cooking:
  • There is a buzzing sound that can interfere with the cooking process.
  • Requires special cooking tools for induction hobs to work properly.
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To use an induction cooker, you must choose a cookware with a flat bottom surface and has a magnetic power, as shown below.

induction cooking pan
Krischef egg pan 13×18 cm
Non-stick pan with ergonomic handles.

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wajan induction hob
Krischef 28 Cm Wajan Curling – Hitam
Pan with Scandinavian design that is able to spread the heat evenly.

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wok pan induction cooker
Culinart 30 Cm Wajan Ck-95-1c
This wok pan can be used on a variety of surfaces and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

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wok pan induction cooker with lid
Wok Krischef 32 Cm With Lid – Gold
Wok pan with transparent glass lid and non-stick coating.

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Well, this is the difference between an induction stove and an electric stove with the kitchen utensils that must be used.

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