This is the difference between a single hose and two hose washing machine

This is the difference between a single hose and two hose washing machine

the difference between one and two washing pipes

The washing machine aims to make household chores easier. In particular, wash the clothes it is an activity that should be done regularly to prevent dirty clothes from accumulating.

However, choosing the right washing machine can be difficult. There are many things that we should know, from the needs, the size of the room, to the specifications of the washing machine itself.

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In addition, there are two types of washing machines that we can find on the market, namely 1-tube and 2-tube machines. Of course, these two types of washing machines have differences that we need to know.

If not, you may buy a washing machine that does not suit your needs. If this is the case, instead of making it easier, your washing tasks will actually be more complicated.

So, what is the difference between a single-tube and two-tube washing machine?

To better understand, consider the differences between the two washing machines through the following reviews, as reported by various sources.

1. In terms of function and appearance

In terms of function, 1 tube washer or single tub more practical because the process of washing and drying can be carried out automatically with only 1 tube.

In general, the machine single tub divided into two types, viz front load and top load. Washing machine top load has a stop at the top and front load it has a front cover.

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Meanwhile, the 2-tube machine or double tub It has 2 separate tubes that are next to each other. Well, 1 tube is used for washing and the other 1 tube is used for drying clothes to save time.

However, before transferring the clothes from one tube to another to do the drying process.

a single tub and a double tub
Front loading engine display.

2. Electricity Needed for 1 and 2 Tube Washing Machines

In fact, a 1-tube machine is double tub have the same electricity consumption needs. However, the 1-tube machine will use more electricity when the pre-soak and tub cleaning functions are activated.

Also, if the machine has features water heaterso this tool requires more electricity, as reported by 101 the device.

machine power requirements
Single tub and double tub machines have the same electrical requirements.

3. Water needs

The water requirements for each type of washing machine are different. Machine top load need 140 L, engine front load requires 60 L, while the 2-tube engine requires 120 L.

Machine top load and double tub it requires a lot of water because it has a vertical tube design. Therefore, before starting the wash cycle, you have to fill the drum.

the washing machine needs water
Top-loading and double-tub machines have higher water requirements.

4. In terms of price

Washing machine single tub it can automatically carry out the washing and drying process. This, of course, makes it more practical and easier. In fact, you can put a machine to 1 tube room laundry room minimalist because its size is quite small.

It is not surprising that the price of this washing machine is more expensive than the machine double tub.

washing machine price
Twin tub engines are more economical than single tub engines.

Well, that’s the difference between one and two tube washing machines. If you need a washing machine, whether it is 1 pipe or 2 pipes, you can find it easily

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