This is the Correct Way of Cassava Plant Cuttings. Easy to do!

This is the Correct Way of Cassava Plant Cuttings. Easy to do!

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Apparently, planting cassava by cuttings can be done easily, that’s it. Go ahead, see the information on how to cut cassava plants in this article!

For Property People who like gardening or plant care, should be familiar with the term cuttings.

Cassava cuttings are known as vegetative propagation or without marriage.

Well, the cassava cutting process can make the plants more fertile and lush, and you can get new plant seeds without seeds or seeds.

How to plant cuttings turns out to be quite easy and does not require much time, especially for cassava plants.

For those of you who currently want to cut cassava, but do not know the steps to take, let’s just look at the easy information in this article.

Cultivation Conditions to be Distected

cassava slices

Before knowing how to cut cassava, Property People need to know more about the needs of the plants that can be cut.

According to the information on the website of the Research Institute for Different Nuts and Bulbs, the following are some of the requirements for plants that can be cut:

  • The mother plant is healthy and has normal growth. The characteristics of healthy plants can be seen by a strong vigor and without pests and diseases.
  • The age of the plant is less than three months so that the cuttings are more optimal.
  • The cutting material has shoots to adapt to the environment more quickly.
  • Plants that are cut in a fresh state.
  • The plants to be cut must come from superior varieties.
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Characteristics of good cassava seeds

Cassava is a secondary crop that is widely grown in Indonesia.

Launching from the book Cassava Cultivation and Business Opportunitiescassava cultivation can be done with stem cuttings.

The planted stem will germinate and grow into a new plant. Germination time is greatly influenced by the propagated variety.

The characteristics of quality cassava seeds include the following:

  • Take the base of the trunk and the middle of the trunk
  • Cuttings are about 20-25 centimeters long and have at least 10 buds
  • Seedlings of cassava plants age seven to 14 months
  • The seeds are not damaged so that their growth is optimal
  • The diameter of the cuttings is about 1.5 cm
  • Pure seeds
  • From superior variety

Conditions for growing cassava

Although cassava is an easy plant to grow and is very tolerant of almost all situations, you still need to know the growing conditions for this plant.

You can use this as a reference in planting good and correct cassava to produce good quality cassava.

Here are the requirements to grow cassava:

  • It can grow in areas with an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, but it is more optimal if planted on land with an altitude of 10-700 meters above sea level.
  • The minimum air temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Requirements for soil conditions: loose, fertile and rich in organic matter and nutrients.
  • Soil pH ranges between 6.5-7.5.
  • Air humidity 60-65%.
  • The rainfall required by cassava plants is 1500-2500 mm per year.
  • Exposed to adequate exposure to the sun during the day.
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How to cut cassava plants

how to plant cassava cuttings

Meanwhile, according to the explanation in Cybex Ministry of Agriculturethe following steps are correct cut cassava plant:

  • Choose fertile cassava stalks according to the criteria already mentioned.
  • Cut the stem that will be used for the seedlings. The way to cut it is to turn the cassava stem with the base on top, then cut the three parts of the base with a machete.
  • Cut off the base of each stem to stimulate root growth.
  • Plant the seeds in a fertile planting medium.


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