This is the Cause of Uncooked Rice in the Rice Cooker and Tips to Overcome it

This is the Cause of Uncooked Rice in the Rice Cooker and Tips to Overcome it

The reason why the rice is not cooked in the rice cooker

Causes of raw rice in rice cooker usually not just for lack of water during cooking. Let’s see how to solve it below.

Rice has been a staple food for Indonesia for a long time.

You must be used to eating rice from childhood by sharing the plates.

Because it has become a habit, there is an assumption that the stomach is not full if you have not eaten rice.

Unfortunately, despite being the main food, not everyone knows how to cook rice. that’s it.

In fact, some of them still feel confused about how to prepare rice magic com o rice cooker.

As a result, the rice is cooked rice cooker still hard and some are immature.

Of course, eating raw rice can reduce your appetite.

So, what is the cause of the rice is not cooked? rice cooker and how to solve it?

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Causes of raw rice in Rice Cooker

because the rice is not cooked in the rice cooker

Source; detikfood

1. Rice without water

Causes of raw rice in rice cooker The first is that the water used for cooking is too little, even the rice lacks water.

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The reason is that each rice has different characteristics, so it needs a different amount of water.

There are rice that require more water and there are also those that require less water in the kitchen.

If this is the first time you use rice, it is better to experiment first.

You can try to cook rice with water according to how you usually cook rice.

From the results of the kitchen that can be an example or guide for you to cook the rice later.

2. Do not follow the rules of cooking Rice in Magic Com

because the rice cooker cannot cook


Causes of raw rice in rice cooker the second is the different rice cooker.

As technology advances, rice cookers also begin to develop.

In the past, there were only two buttons for cooking rice and heating.

Now, there are many buttons with different functions on modern rice cookers.

As a consumer, you must be careful and read the correct rules of cooking rice so that the rice can be cooked perfectly.

3. Not all rice is the same

Causes of raw rice in rice cooker then it could be because of the different characteristics of the rice.

Each region usually has its own quality of rice that must be cooked differently.

For example, brown rice needs more water to cook to make it.

While white rice is cooked with a large amount of water it can turn the rice into porridge.

4. Forget to press the cooking button

overcome undercooked rice


Forget to press the button kitchen or the kitchen is definitely the cause of undercooked rice.

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It usually happens because you forget or are in a hurry to cook.

Change the mode heating him kitchen it must be done so that the rice can be cooked perfectly.

Also, you can wait about 10 minutes for the rice to be cooked before it is finally eaten.

The rice that is cooked must also be left for a few minutes before it is completely cooked.

5. Section Thermostat Already broken

If someone asks how many minutes to cook the rice? The answer is about 25-35 minutes.

However, there will be a lot of time left thermostat on rice cooker already broken.

It could be that this is the reason that the rice is not cooked and that the rice tastes like rice.

As a result of this damage can also cause the condition of the rice in the kitchen is not good, for example, dry and crusty.

Therefore, you should check and replace for performance magic com can walk normally.