This is how to install the correct ceiling wallpaper at home

This is how to install the correct ceiling wallpaper at home

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Do you know how to install it? wallpaper the correct ceiling? Make no mistake, learn how here!

Wallpaper indeed it is more commonly installed on the surface of the wall, but in reality wallpaper it can also be installed on the roof.

However, how to install it wallpaper This ceiling is certainly more difficult than on an ordinary wall surface.

However, install it wallpaper on this ceiling can provide more aesthetic value to the room.

Want to know how? Learn how to install it wallpaper this roof!

How to install Wallpaper Ceiling

install ceiling wallpaper

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

Before learning how to install wallpaper roof, first you have to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

To prepare suitable tools and materials, the installation process wallpaper on the roof will definitely be easier.

Here are the tools and materials needed in the installation method wallpaper roof:

  • Wallpaper
  • Lem
  • Coffee
  • kingdom
  • meter
  • Cutter
  • Kuas
  • Roller
  • ladder
  • Remaining paint

2. Measure the area of ​​the roof

If the tools and materials are ready, the next step is to measure the surface of the roof to be installed wallpaper.

This roof area can be obtained by measuring the length and width.

Measure the surface of the roof carefully so that later not a lot of material is lost.

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However, in the measurement process, it is advisable to increase about 2.5 cm on each side to avoid measurement errors or cuts that may occur.

3. Clean the roof surface

Installation wallpaper on the ceiling is not as easy as installing it on a regular wall.

In the installation process wallpaper the roof, you must clean the surface of the roof from dust and dirt.

Agar wallpaper stick stronger, it would be better if the surface of the roof was washed to make sure there was no oil and dirt stuck.

Also, make sure the roof surface is free of sharp objects such as nails or other objects that can cause wallpaper torn

If there is an uneven surface, it is better to smooth it with a cloth first.

4. Prepare Wallpaper which will be installed

After cleaning the roof surface, then cut wallpaper in accordance with the results of the size of the roof surface that was obtained.

When it is used wallpaper patterned, make sure to adjust the pattern first before cutting.

If it has been cut, sort or mark the pieces so that the installation is easier and not wrong.

Wallpaper that have been installed can not be installed directly, but must be coated with glue first.

So that the installation of glue is faster, you can use it roller for the center and a brush for the edges.

5. Installation Wallpaper Ceiling

As explained before, the installation wallpaper on the ceiling is not as easy as on the surface of the ordinary wall.

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How to install wallpaper This roof must be done by at least two people.

For the installation process, start by lifting and adding the ends wallpaper which was covered starting from the corner of the roof.

Use a cloth to apply glue and smooth wallpaper which is installed.

The use of kape also helps to remove the air bubbles that create wallpaper it doesn’t stop perfectly.

So that the position does not change, ask someone to help you hold the ends wallpaper.

Repeat the installation steps until the roof surface is completely covered wallpaper.

After the installation is complete, there may be several sides wallpaper that looks messy.

But you don’t need to worry, that part can be cut with a cloth.


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