This is an easy way to remove mites from the house

This is an easy way to remove mites from the house

Easy ways to get rid of mites
Illustration of an easy way to get rid of mites (Source: Freepik)

If you feel itchy when you wake up, be careful, it’s likely that your mattress is infested with mites! Mites are hard to see with the naked eye, so it’s hard to detect any mites nesting in your home, so for those of you who are currently having trouble getting rid of mites from your home, here’s how to get rid of them of mites from your home. !

What are Mites?

Mites are very small (micro) animals that are not visible even to the naked eye. Although it is in the form of fleas, but they are different insects. Mites cause itching or rashes like being bitten by insects and will be dangerous if they cause reactions such as allergies to breathing problems.

Mites are most often found in damp and dark places, such as pillows, knives and clothes. Usually mites are most often found on mattresses, so you have to regularly clean the mattress and pillows to avoid the emergence of mites.

How to get rid of mites

Dry in the sun

If you have allergies, such as itching after waking up, it means that your mattress is infested with mites, one way to eradicate them is to dry them in the sun to remove the mites.

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Use the mattress

You can use mattress covers to keep mites away from you, you can also use anti-allergy covers for pillows and cushions that are lined with fabric.

Warm room temperature

Mites like damp and dark places, if you can regulate the temperature of the room then mites will not live in your room. This method is a way to eliminate the risk of live mites.

Dissolution of the salt

Salt can be a solution to get rid of mites. To dissolve and then spraying on the affected parts of mites such as knives, sofas and carpets. Then wait a few hours and the mites will come out and die.

Use lavender

Lavender produces a strong aroma and is not liked by mites, to use lavender to get rid of mites there are two ways, namely spraying a solution of lavender oil or using dried lavender flowers to prevent arrival of mites.

Cleaning with Vacuum

Currently, vacuum technology is more sophisticated, you can find a vacuum that can clean dirt and dust while eliminating mites. Since the vacuum cleaner has an HPA filter and can wash items that are exposed to mites, such as knives, sofas or carpets at high temperatures to kill mites, you should clean the items that are exposed to mites mites regularly.

Spray the Room with Disinfectant

If some of the above methods do not work, another way to get rid of mites that you can use is a disinfectant liquid. Disinfectants have many chemical ingredients that can kill mites and currently there are many disinfectants sold and bought in the nearest pharmacy.

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