This is a Luxury TV Background Pattern, Makes Watching More Comfortable

This is a Luxury TV Background Pattern, Makes Watching More Comfortable

We often find TV backgrounds at home. There are many forms, some are only in the form of tables, some are in the form of cabinets. In addition, the variety is also different. Some are simple, some are so luxurious. Of course, the selection of the variety is in accordance with the wishes and characteristics of the owner. Now for those of you who like luxury TV background motifs, here are 10 examples that can certainly be your inspiration:

It comes with two dominant colors, namely black and brown, although it is simple, this TV background can also give the impression of luxury due to the installation of lights in the upper corner. The size is not so big, so even those of you who have a minimalist home can still present the impression of luxury in the house.

Second, it is almost similar to the previous luxury TV background. The difference is that the dominant colors here are white and brown. Equipped with shelves, you can place displays or books to add to the aesthetic impression.

It seems that the combination of black and brown is really proven to be able to present a deep luxury impression. You can see the test here. This cabinet with a TV background also looks luxurious but still simple for the home.

Want a luxury TV background with a different touch? Just choose something like this. With a touch of wallpaper like sculptures, it will definitely make watching TV more exciting. Especially with the display in the form of animals and the pots of golden flowers. Feel like watching TV in the kingdom!

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Marble accents never fail to create the impression of luxury and elegance. In addition, it is combined with the natural brown color, making the marble motif more and more a concern. Equipped with shelves at the top and bottom, you can store different things in the space so it doesn’t look messy.

If the previous luxury TV background design used gold, the marble motif on this background uses silver and still looks so charming. In addition to the shelves, there is also a storage drawer at the bottom of this TV stand. In addition, the size of this TV background tends to be large so that it produces an impression big on the room.

Not marble, this TV background looks luxurious because of the ceramic motif. Equipped with thick gold stripes combined with the white color makes this space pleasant to look at. The display arrangement and decorations are increasingly becoming the main attraction.