This is a Cost Comparison of Electric and Gas Stoves

This is a Cost Comparison of Electric and Gas Stoves

electric and gas stove comparison

The stove is a kitchen utensil that gives heat to cook food. At least, there are 3 types of stoves that we can find today, namely gas stoves, electric stoves and induction stoves.

The difference between these three types of stove is in the source of the thermal energy produced or fuel used. Gas stoves use LPG gas fuel which distributes the heat through a hose.

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It is different with electric and induction cookers which uses electricity to generate heat. Although they both use electricity, they also have different ways of working and efficiency.

Of the three stoves, gas stoves are the most popular. Because it is classified as a conventional stove, many people think that using a gas stove is much easier and more economical than using a gas stove. electric stove.

However, is it true that gas stoves are more efficient than electric stoves?

According to several local media, the President Director of PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo, in a working meeting with the commission of DPR VII some time ago stated that the use of electric stoves can save 10-15% in cooking costs compared to stove of gas.

According to Darmawan, the price of 1 kg of subsidized LPG reaches Rp.4,250. After going through the distribution chain, we need to pay at least IDR 5,250 per kg.

So, if we need 1 kg of gas for cooking, then we have to pay Rp 5,250.

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Meanwhile, from the results of trials carried out by PLN, for the use of electric stoves, we only pay Rp 4,550. This is equivalent to 1 kg of gas.

electric and gas stove costs
Electric stoves are able to save costs from IDR 700 compared to subsidized LPG gas.

So, what is the cost of electric and gas stove comparison without subsidies?

According to the official website PLN, a small family consumes an average of 11.4 kg of LPG. If there is no subsidy, people will pay about Rp. 204 thousand per month.

Well, 1 kg of LPG is equivalent to 7.19 kWh. Meanwhile, the price of electricity without subsidy is Rp. 1,444.7 / kWh. When converted, you need about 82 kWh to cook with an electric stove every month.

In this way, you have to pay cost of electricity without subsidy of IDR 118 thousand per month. So, we can save 86 thousand IDR if you use an electric stove.

electricity and gas costs without subsidies
The use of electric stoves is much more efficient than gas stoves without subsidies.

However, electric stoves require about 900-2000 watts of power. If the electricity at home is less than 2200 watts, of course, we need to add it to be able to use this stove for cooking.

Well, this is the comparison of electric and gas stove. So, you are interested in wearing it electric cooker and induction?

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