This company is looking for Paid Sleepers, Hurry up….

This company is looking for Paid Sleepers, Hurry up….

JAKARTA, – Simply put, a mattress company is looking for a professional sleeper to sleep on at work.

New York City-based mattress company Casper, which launched on Thursday (8/11/2022), is looking for professional bed workers to get paid for a night’s sleep and document their experiences on social media.

Mattress company Casper, founded in 2014, says on its website that it’s hiring “Casper Sleepers” who are ready to snooze “in our stores and in the world’s most unpredictable environments.”

Selected candidates will be asked to document their dream experiences on social media.

The list states that the ideal candidate should have “exceptional sleep ability”, “willingness to sleep as much as possible” and “ability to sleep through anything”.

According to information from the mattress company, referring to the “” website, it was not disclosed how much they paid for the sleepwalking work they wanted.

“Join Casper Sleepers and showcase your sleeping skills publicly, on social media and wherever people are looking. So join us in actually sleeping on the job, because we believe a good night’s sleep makes all the difference,” the company wrote in a description of their dream workplace.

A job description as a bed worker at mattress company Casper states that candidates are encouraged to share and talk about all things sleep related to their products through the company’s social media channels.

If you use a private platform, add a link according to the terms.

Residency of applicants based in the New York area is preferred, but not required. You will also receive free (limited) Casper products.

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Other additional conditions are as follows:
-Dress code pajamas
– Can be part-time and receive compensation
-Must be 18 years or older
– Desire to tag content and be featured on social content
– Do you think it is an interesting work? (wool/w1n)