These are the types of pots you should know about

These are the types of pots you should know about

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Patisserie it is a must-have dish at home, especially during holidays like Eid and Christmas. You don’t need to buy them, you can also make different types of pastries yourself. The most important thing is that the cake is stored in a well-closed container.

Well, did you know that pots are made of many different types of materials? Yes, food container This is made of different materials with different shapes and prices.

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Thus, you can find many choices of pots and adjust them to your needs.

So, what are the types of food jars?

In general, there are three types of jar materials that are commonly used, namely glass jars, glass jars plastic, and a can. Of course, each of these jar materials has its advantages.

So, in order not to choose the wrong one, this time, Ruparupa will discuss each one of these types of vases.

1. Glass jars

type of jar
Krishome 1.1 Ltr Set 3 Pcs Stoples Medium Strips

Beautiful and elegant words are good ​​in glass jars. In addition to their fascinating physical appearance, glass jars are also quite strong and easy to clean, you know.

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Also, the price of glass vases is quite affordable or you can buy them from 70,000 IDR. However, glass jars are easier to break when knocked over. So, you have to be careful when using it.

2. Plastic jars

Plastic jars are very popular for storing pastries. In addition to being affordable and lightweight, plastic pots also tend to be safe because they don’t break easily.

Even so, the plastic material is not resistant to heat and easily leaves traces of the aroma of food, even if it has been washed several times.

3. Canning jars

Tin jars tend to be more durable than the previous two types of jars because they are not easily damaged.

This type of jar can protect the food from the light so as not to cause oxidation. Also, canning jars are quite light and economical as plastic jars.

Informa Set of 3 Velly Jars with Shelf – White

Quality Jar Tips

So, if you are looking for a vase to put in the living room area, don’t worry, we also have some of the best vase tips for you below.

1. A vase with a shelf Rp 399 thousand

If you want the kitchen to look more tidy, you can use a pot equipped with a storage shelf. The price of these jars is also quite affordable because you usually get 2-3 jars at once.

So, here are tips for vases with shelves that you can use to beautify kitchen and table eat

type of pots with shelves
Krishome Set 3 Pcs Stoples Dengan Rak – Gold

Shop here

2. Metal Lid Jar, only IDR 20,000

Jars with metal lids will look more attractive when combined with glass material, you know. You see, bright metallic colors can give an elegant impression to the vase.

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In addition, the metal caps are also durable and do not leave germs to be able to maintain the quality of the food in the jar. So, here are tips for jars with metal lids that could be your choice.

metal cover
Krishome 500 Ml Stoples Kaca

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jars with metal lids
Krishome 720 Ml Stoples Kaca

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3. Glasslock Jars Starting at IDR 70,000

Staples Glasslock have quality eat degree and BPA free, so it is food safe. If you don’t have enough storage space at home, these jars can be an option because they can be stacked.

You can not only store pastries and snacks, you can also store vegetables and fruits in jars, then put them in the refrigerator. Very practical, right?

glasslock food containers
Glasslock 700 Ml Block Glass Jar – Green

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food container
Glasslock 1.3 Ltr Glass block box

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4. Vase with apple IDR 200,000

Next, there are jars equipped with knobs to be able to open more easily. This jar has a capacity of 1.4 liters and can hold a lot of snacks. Of course, this jar is able to maintain the taste and texture of delicious food.

jar with knob
Delicia 1.45 Ltr Stoples Knob

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5. Plastic jars Starting from IDR 70,000

Plastic pots are certainly suitable to be placed anywhere, such as guest table or dining room.

If you like a plain and simple look, you can use the transparent white plastic jar offered by Krishome below.

plastic container
Krishome 15 cm Stoples Plastik

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Krishome plastic stoppers
Krishome 850 Ml Stoples Plastik

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6. Candy Jar Starting from 60 thousand IDR

If you want to present a sense of Middle Eastern luxury, you can use a candy jar presented by Kris.

This type of jar is made of glass material that is easy to clean and comes with an airtight lid to maintain the quality of the snacks. In addition, elegant accents on each side of the glass also add to the aesthetics of the living room.

candy jar
Candy jar Kris 18 cm Zi-2

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kind of candy
Kris candy jar 18 cm Xz-2

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7. Vintage Jars Starting at IDR 49,000

Tired of the plain jar type? Don’t worry, you can choose glass jars with attractive designs, like the retro jars below.

It is not only the beautification of the dining table because of its unique appearance, this vase is also strong and durable.

reverse staples
Cerve 1 Ltr Retro Stoples

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vintage jars
Cerve 1 Ltr Vintage Jar – Transparent

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So, these were some tips for the best types of pots that you can use at home.

Of course, you can buy all these pots at affordable prices online through ACE is different.

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Come on, choose your favorite jar now!

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